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05/04 I've been working on a new format for the Reader's Gallery, one that works equally well on a phone as on a desktop. There are 5 new entries posted tonight. Also, there's a bunch of new Space:1999 goodies (and more) in the Store. Have a look!

05/04 Somewhere on nameless observation point, Soviet soldiers celebrate news of V-E Day in Rob Norton's vignette featured in May's free, downloadable wallpaper. Took me longer than I thought it would, but that page should now workfine on all platforms, including a phone.

04/03 April's free, downloadable wallpaper is another something different - based on Jay Smith's scratchbuilt Police Viperfrom the old computer game, Elite.

03/06 I was so proud of myself - we had the artwork done for the wallpapers and all I needed to to was upload it. I was out of town (you can see why here --- that's Linda testifying, and I'm the silver-haired fatso behind her. Then we pretended to be lobbyists for the rest of the week, meeting with congressional offices on the subject. And now I have what I hope is just a cold.) My stupid laptop refused to talk with the wi-fi where we were staying and I can't do this from my fone - so.... yeah. Frustrating.

Anyway, March's free, downloadable -- and delayed -- wallpaper is based on John Dalco's 1/1000 Federation Destroyer.

02/04 February's free, downloadable wallpaper is something different - based on Robb Merrill's artwork. How many can you identify?

01/01 Last month was brutal - but we survived. January's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on the Bandai Star Wars: Vehicle Collection Star Destroyer and Blockade Runner kits that Rod Lowe built.

11/04 November's free, downloadable wallpaper is based on Dan Lee's Johnny Quest Dragonfly supersonic, suborbital transport - built from the Moebius kit.

10/15 Jürgen Rath repainted and re-purposed an older model, and now his Formula One Air Racer is October's free - and late - downloadable wallpaper. No point in having a calendar grid by now -we'll do better next month. Un-doing 20 years of habits when running the Store is making me even slower than usual.....

10/05 Only took forever - and that's my fault - but the New Store is online. One day I'm going to write a book on how *NOT* to undertake a major change like this - and Dan Holmes, Mykel Robinson and (of course) Linda will be the plucky heroes who persevered against everything my fat .... hatred of change .... and OCD ... and, yeah, PTSD .... could throw at them. Epic Best Seller - so stay tuned!

So .... what I'm saying is that I'm the villan, and Linda, Dan and Mykel saved the Store from my nefarious .... um, "nefariousness". But it's up now, and - bonus: looks great on a fone.

Now - to the Calendar!

June 1

1940 Rene Auberjonois, actor, born (DS9).

1984 Star Trek Search for Spock theatrical release US


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