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Your Two Cents: AMT Amtronic

The following are reader's opinions of the AMT Amtronic made by ERL.

Reviewer   Rob Schorry
Date Reviewed   Jan 17, 2001
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I built the AMT "future car" model around 1970 or so. It rates pretty high on my nostalgia list. As I remember the kit, there were lots of mismatched parts, due to the complex body panels. My modeling skills at the time probably weren't up to doing this kit justice.

The ducted fans are for levatating the car, which has a forward drivers compartment, and a larger passenger compartment, which come apart for short trips or longer voyages.

The original kit came with a diaplay base, with guide rails for levitation. This kit would be a neat inclusion in any car modelers collection, or for entry in sci-fi contests.

Reviewer   Thomas Sime
Date Reviewed   Feb 15, 2001
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.

I'm posting this on the review page, as at this location it is more likely to be read by a prospective builder of this kit. I do not own this kit therefore rating is by default!

Reviewer Rob Schorry wrote: -

"The original kit came with a display base, with guide rails for levitation."

If you would like the original display base it can be downloaded-in full glorious colour from "Greysteele's Rare Kits". There are 4 sheets, all big scans-therefore high detail, to the display base as well as the original instruction sheets and a wonderful brochure "Greysteele's Rare Kits" can be found at:-

Reviewer   Mark Z.
Date Reviewed   Dec 8, 2003
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments I remember this kit well. I first built one around age 11 (the age my son is now.) I think the most interesting thing about this kit is to note the "hits and misses" regarding the predictions made by AMT in 1969 compared with the actual reality of 2003. For starters, hybrid gas-electric cars are now available (though piston as opposed to turbine engines are used.) They also got the on board computer and navigational system right (a dead-on prediction of OnStar)as well as the entertainment systems in the passenger section. Some real cars are fitted with rear video cameras as is the AMTronic. Those low-profile tires and large wheels actually look like "real" 21st century "dubs." That being said, the 300 mph dual car was off the mark, but I give AMT an A+ for the effort.

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