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Looking for an out of production, not-sold-in-this-country, or otherwise hard-to-find, kit? Need a conversion or unique parts or tools? You've come to the right place. Here's how it works: if you are looking for something, or have something you'd like to trade or sell, use this form to send us the details. We'll post them here for one month or until you e-mail us again and tell us the deal is done (whichever comes first).

A special note for non-US readers: If you live outside the US, please note in your ad where you are, and whether you prefer to hear back only from folks in your own country. Postage and duties being what they are, it can be quite expensive to send a model from the US to another country, even Canada.

Please Note! We can NOT guarantee or otherwise endorse the reliability or integrity of anyone selling/trading here, or the quality or completeness of the items offered for trade/sale. The appearance of an ad on this site does not mean we endorse or recommend the price being asked either. That said, we expect y'all to carry on honest dealing here. Please notify us of any problems or abuses. Should the someone cause a problem twice, they will be barred from this page forever, and a warning posted advising folks not to deal with them.

Looking for someone to build models for you? We have a list of folks who will do that. Willing to build kits for other people - for a modest fee? Contact us to have your name listed.

Last updated: 11 June 2019

Please also visit the Trading Post on our Starship Modeler Discussion Forums for more offerings.

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People Who Will Build for Others

Babylon 5

Randy R. I have an original 1/72nd scale Babylon 5 Star Fury for sale. Opened, complete, un-built, builders kit. Make me a fair offer. 6/8

Don B. I have an unassembled Warp Models Babylon 5 White Star (Shadow Killer)kit plus Gizmotron decals that I would like to sell or trade. I need $125 for the kit shipped in the USA, can provide photos. Trade items I am looking for: Fine Molds 1/48 TIE fighter (Trade plus $ difference) ANY fusion core lighting set for the PL 12" Jupiter 2 (Trade plus $ difference) 9/2

Star Wars

John Polacchi Looking for a reasonably priced Revell AT-AT. I think it would make for a good modification build. I've seen a couple of really nice ones finished and it is close to a "studio" scale build with the effort.EVIL BAY is listing this kt a bit high.$200.00 and the low end being around $150.00 for a "kit" out of the box that is,well...FAR from perfect.The MPC AT-AT is more accurate if you ask me and the newer Bandai kit is INCREDIBLE. Just want to tinker with a larger scale and see what can do with it?Willing to pay "a fair price" or trade if I end up having something someone would be interested in. 1/29

John I'm looking for a 1/144 scale Fine Molds Millennium Falcon.The price gouging on EVIL BAY is outrageous,so I'm hoping to maybe find a better deal here.I can/may also be able to "trade" if that interests anyone who has this kit? 01/11

Jon I'm looking for the 1/144 Fine Molds Millennium Falcon.The prices are WAY high on EVIL BAY,so I'm hoping to find a better deal here.Maybe even a strait up trade?I have some other sci-fi kits to trade,just trying to reduce some of the others.Message me if you have a 1/144 Fine Molds Falcon. 1/11

john harachis Smt y wing complete in box no instructions email me at victorygin138@gmail I accept cash mo checks and Google wallet. Going to put o. Ebay wanted to give you guys a crack first buyer pays actual shipping. 9/13

Randy ROTJ MPC Millennium Falcon #8917 for sale. Original kit. Builders model. Open, complete. Make me a fair offer. 6/8

Richard Whirty Looking for Argonauts star wars stormtrooper/sandtrooper model kit. If you have one please email me with price. 6/7

Jamie Looking for Star Wars 1/72 scale items. Have a broken kit? Don't throw it out, I will give you a couple bucks plus shipping. I am mainly interested in scenery and figures, but always open to ships. 2/20

Will Sabree Looking for a Scale Model Technologies 1/48 B Wing. I know they're out of production. Hoping someone had one that has been gathering dust. 9/30

Michael william Barnett Looking for Blue Moon MPC Millennium Falcon sidewall upgrade kit 9/20

Stefano PLASTIC PARTS WANTED ! I am looking for any available pair of halves of the little Millennium Falcon which came with the MPC/ERTL Star Wars Hoth Rebel Base Snap-fit diorama. I DO NOT need the Rebel Transport parts, nor the tiny X-Wing and Snowspeeders, ONLY the Falcon parts. Those are needed to be heavily modified in order to make a little fleet of YT-1300 space transports custom variants, like the ones seen in the Star Wars West End Games Sourcebooks and in other publications. Resin castings of the mentioned parts are good too if well done. Please write me back soon! I'm in need of fresh parts! I am located in Rome, Italy. Thanks in advance and kind regards to everybody. 09/03

Rhett I'm looking for the Zarkus Model Kits Z-95 Headhunter. Preferably the one with the Swing Wings. Please feel free to contact me. 8/16

stefano looking for the little Millennium Falcon which is included in the Hoth Rebel Base Diorama from MPC-ERTL, for customizing/scratchbuilding purposes. I only need the Falcon parts, NOT the rest, and I need many. Any help available out there? I am located in Rome Italy. Thanks 5/15

Star Trek

Pete Hi, I'm looking for a kit of an Oberth class / USS Grissom model kit. Nothing smaller than a 1:1000 scale, in polystyrene or resin only, please. Will want multiple kits, if the price is right. 9/9

DC I have a few kits to sell or trade. I have a standing Spock, shooting at serpents, all in the collectable 70's lunchbox tin. Its a real item and has a collectable sticker inside. The kit is sealed. I also have a couple of Klingon Battlecruiser D-7's in a collectible tin. Also still sealed. The tin is a metal version of the old, large box from the 60's. I have a Romulan Scorpion fighter, I think Polar Lights, still sealed. I am seeking a couple of resin kits; a Klingon D-10 or K-23, or vacuform Stargazer / Constellation Class, or Excelsior. Others might also be of interest, including a Roman, TOS Bird of Prey in the collectible tin or resign props of kits. Send you offers and interest and thanks for reading! 1/23

Peter Fox Hi, I'am after the AMT667 Reliant Repop if anyone has one in their stash? I live in the UK, but if it has to come from abroad I'm happy to pay international fees. thanks in advance, Pete 01/04

Mike Koubek I am looking for the old and now out of production McDaniel Models Achernar kit. It is basically a vacuform and resin version of the 1/650 AMT Enterprise kit with some detail differences. I am looking for the vacuform parts. I can trade, I have a lot of 1/1400 and 1/1000 Star Trek kits with aftermarket accessories. If willing to trade or sell, please email me and we can hopefully work something out. 11/27

Doug Nichol Looking for two Delta Quadrant 1/1000 D4 EarlyD7 kits. Willing to pay fair prices 11/11

Christopher Coxon Hi all, looking for a Polar Lights 1/1000 Refit Enterprise and a couple of 1/1000 Reliants. Happy for 2nd hand/part built/bagged kits. Please let me know if you can help. Cheers, Chris 30/09

Nathan Morimitsu Wanted: I need at least one (prefer 2) of the resin kits for the AMT Deep Space 9 Runabout. 9/14

Susan Winnette Seeking complete 1966 AMT 921 200 Star Trek Enterprise model kit including light bulbs on wires and contacts with screws. Assembly instructions and decals. Hoping for less than $70 with shipping. I am following other sites. 09/16

Vic Bandai Enterprise NX-01- all parts still factory sealed. Can send pics. USA only please. $90.00 plus postage. 7/25

JodyB Looking to buy part no. 16 from the 1995 AMT/Ertl USS Defiant. (Circular bridge cap on top of the saucer) 6/25


Max Brandt FOR SALE: Gundam fans! I have some nice HGUC kits I'll never get to, each is $15.00. *RMS-099 Rick Dias *RMS-141 Xekueins *RX-78GP03S Gundam GP03S *RMS-108 Marasai *RX-79BD-1 Blue Destiny Unit 1 6/20

Other Sci-Fi

Marc Dupuy Looking for the Alb-Lab Markov Antigrav Racer kit that was produced by Industria Mechanika a few years back (hopefully in the US for shipping purposes). Willing to buy or trade if you have stuff you're looking for. Thanks! 10/28

Mark A Osborne I have two Pegasus models MLEV5 kits, they both have RANDY COOPER resin accessories all three sets cost 175.00 and they both have Paragrfix photoetch at 39.00 the kits themselves are 229.00. That is 443.00 for each kit. I will sell both kits for 450.00 plus shipping if interested please Email me at LOWER 48 STATES ONLY. THANKS 9/5

Scott WTB 1800 Royal Battle Cruiser from UGHT Models. Please contact. 7/2

David K. Sarver want old beat up built up or kit models of Cygnus from the old Disney movie The Black Hole. Am only interested in the main body sections. Condition of all accessory pieces of no consequence. Please contact. 4/9

Stefano RESIN SF KITS WANTED : Buck Rogers Ranger 3 1:48 scale, Bel Geddes Airliner 1 :288 scale, Galileo 1:144 scale and concept NASA Breadbox Shuttle from Fantastic Plastic; Totenkopf's Ark Rocketship from Skyhook Models, seen in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow movie ; Star Wars R-41 Starchaser 1:48 scale and Imperial Probe Droid 1:9 scale from Scale Model Technologies ( SMT ); Millennium Falcon Accurization Set no.2 ( Landing Gear housings ) for AMT ; Starship Troopers Tac Bomber, unknown scale. All these models are EXTREMELY wanted, any honest price accepted. Any incomplete, defective, partially built and/or Painted kit taken in consideration anyway. Help me please! I am located in Rome, Italy. Thanks in advance and kind regards to everybody. 09/03

Alan N Gustafson Want jupiter c with gantry. Buy or trade. Let me know price or what you want in trade.If I have it we will trade. 8/28

Greg WTB - Aja models Orion 1 booster resin kit. Like usual, I waited too long before getting one when hey first came out 7/2

George Orton I would like to purchase the Bowman Arts / Lil' Plastic Bits Polar Lights Land of the Giants Spindrift cockpit compartment upgrade set and passenger compartment upgrade set. This a URL that shows the passenger compartment upgrade set: I can be reached by email at 5/20

Clay Zinnecker Want to sell a Polar Lights 1/72 C57D Starcruiser from Forbidden Planet. Mint in box. Asking $150.00 OBO. 3/16

Real Space

Ed Looking for Revell 1/144 Launch Tower and space shuttle kit at a reasonable price. Thank you. 1/1

John W Van Deusen For sale 1/144 Airfix shuttle stack, stack only no orbiter. This contains all 39 unstarted, unpainted parts and assembly instructions for the stack only. Price is $12.00 USD shipping included, Pay Pal or money order only, shipping to CONUS only.---John 7/20


Victor AMT/Round 2's Interplanetary UFO mystery ship- $20.00, 1537 scale Belknap conversion kit $40.00, Alliance models-new Battlestar Galactica $15.00, Revell Monogram Original Battlestar Galactica $20.00, AMT/Ertl S.T. Adversary Set $16.00. Polar lights 1701 refit $17.00. All plastic kits are still factory sealed. 1/14

Pat Evans I have the following I'd like to sell or trade: 2 1/144 scale 2001: Discovery/Discovery One resin kits from Stargazer Models, both NIB. 2 1/4105 scale Battlestar Valkyrie resin kits from TimeSlip Creations, both NIB 1 1:1000 scale Bandai Space Cruiser Yamato, NIB 1 1/2500 scale X303-Class Deep Space Explorer resin kit from Saltire Technologies, NIB 1 Battlestar Galactica Mk. II Viper resin kit, NIB. Scale unknown, but measures approx. 4.75" long, has J-Bot decals. For the resin kits, the boxes have product name Sharpied on the side. 12/23

Eric B I have been digging around my basement and found a lot of kits. Here is a list of what I found: Excelsior Ertl Relient Ertl Battlestar Galattica Revel Enterprise D - with lights Ertl Star Trek Voyager Maquis Ship Monogram Millennium Falcon MPC/Ertl Darth Vader Tie-Fighter Ertl Speeder Bike MPC/Ertl X-Wing Figher MPC/Ertl Star Blazer Ships Gundam Models Let me know if you are interested in anything. I am not putting prices because I am offering them to builders that love what they do. I am asking for a fair price from you. Please be honest. Thank you Eric 9/16


Josh Parsons Tamiya XF-12 IJN Grey for sale. I have 14 1/3oz bottles I bought for the 1/350 TOS Enterprise but didn't use. All unopened and new. $18 postpaid. 12/17

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