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Looking for an out of production, not-sold-in-this-country, or otherwise hard-to-find, kit? Need a conversion or unique parts or tools? You've come to the right place. Here's how it works: if you are looking for something, or have something you'd like to trade or sell, use this form to send us the details. We'll post them here for one month or until you e-mail us again and tell us the deal is done (whichever comes first).

A special note for non-US readers: If you live outside the US, please note in your ad where you are, and whether you prefer to hear back only from folks in your own country. Postage and duties being what they are, it can be quite expensive to send a model from the US to another country, even Canada.

Please Note! We can NOT guarantee or otherwise endorse the reliability or integrity of anyone selling/trading here, or the quality or completeness of the items offered for trade/sale. The appearance of an ad on this site does not mean we endorse or recommend the price being asked either. That said, we expect y'all to carry on honest dealing here. Please notify us of any problems or abuses. Should the someone cause a problem twice, they will be barred from this page forever, and a warning posted advising folks not to deal with them.

Looking for someone to build models for you? We have a list of folks who will do that. Willing to build kits for other people - for a modest fee? Contact us to have your name listed.

Last updated: 27 August 2022

Please also visit the Trading Post on our Starship Modeler Discussion Forums for more offerings.

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People Who Will Build for Others

Star Wars

Alex A. Selling two Star Wars fleets, circa the Rebellion, i.e. Episodes IV, V, and VI and on. They are - obviously - imperial and rebel, but many ships can be used by both sides. The odyssey slipways ships appear to no longer be in print. Pics at: or available upon request. I put a lot of thought into making this project as realistic as possible, and these scale ships are the only way to do it. All of them can be found in the Star Wars Wiki, aka Wookiepedia. First, Odyssey Slipways fleet scale ships in 1/10,000 These are lovely scale ships, cast in resin. Very clean, easy to work with. No regrets with them as ships, I'm only selling them because my time is limited now, so I'm not going to finish this project. Heartbraking, as I really like them. Ah well... They paint up easily and well. My demo presentation is a classic Star Wars ship - it was the frigate in which medical bay Luke Skywalker got his new hand put on. Odyssey Slipways 1:10,000 scale capital ships for sale List #, quantity of ships, type 1. 3 x Nebulon B [one painted, two cleaned / primed, ABOVE] 2. 2 x Nebulon B2 3. 3 x Lancer Frigate 4. 4 x Corellion Gunships 5. 4 x Carrier Corvette 6. 1 x Imperial Escort Carriers 7. 2 x Carrack Cruisers 8. 1 x Assault Frigate A 9. 1 x Assault Frigate B 10. 1 x Imperial Enforcer 11. 1 x Imperial Interdictor 12. 1 x Flurry, Rebel Starfighter Carrier 13. 1 x Old Republic Heavy Cruiser 14. 1 x [Old Republic] Dreadnought Total = 26 Ships! Most of these are no longer in production and unavailable. Second batch are 1:2250, or 1/4 the size of the 1:10,000, so in other words they are four times as big as they should be. This is good, because at 1:10,000 starfighters are almost invisible! All games exaggerate the size of the fighters in relationship to the ships, it's just necessary. 1. 1 x Tantive IV 2. 2 x 9 ARC starfighters Likewise, these are out of production, it appears. These are also 1:10,000 and appear to still be available The below fighter squadrons are from Studio Bergstrom. Altogether there are 44 starfighters and 1 VERY FAMOUS tramp freighter! Why 44? In an obsessive moment, I think I watched the battle scenes from Episodes IV and VI and counted the actual ships doing the attack runs, and that's what I came up with... 1. 1 x Millenium Falcon [cleaned and black-primed] 2. 15 x X-wing [cleaned and white-primed] 3. 11 x Y-wing [cleaned and white-primed] 4. 6 x B-wing [mint metal] 5. 12 x A-wing [mint metal] 44 fighters and one Tramp Freighter Opposing them, are the bad guy ships 1. 24 x classic TIE fighters ["eyeballs"] [cleaned and grey-primed] 2. 7 x TIE bombers ["dupes"] 3. 6 x TIE advanced X1 [aka Darth Vader's fighter] 4. 6 x TIE interceptors ["squints"] 5. 2 x TIE experimental air superiority [sk x1?] 6. 51 TIE types Both fleets = $400! Almost any payment type accepted; some may cause a delay in shipping, e.g. for a personal check to clear. Shipping is at COST, there is no fake inflation of price with a "shipping and handling" fee! I'm shipping from 19038, but the box weighs next to nothing, so $5-10 depending on rate and insurance is likely in the continental USA. 4/8

Bill Carreon For sale. Star Wars Black Series Imperial Shock Trooper helmet. Loose, no box. In perfect condition/working order. Asking $100 firm. 5/28

Bill Carreon For sale. Star Wars force FX Darth Vader light saber. Loose, no box. In perfect condition/working order. Asking $100 firm 6/28

Jeff Looking for the Blue Moon 1:48 scale B-Wing aka Cruciform fighter. Seen here: 12/20

Jim Gregoire Looking for display stand for mpc tydirium shuttle fro return of the jedi 11/13

Star Trek

Jonathon Marshall For sale is an aftermarket garage kit of the USS Reliant from Star Trek "Wrath of Kahn". This model a 1/350 scale, 27" L x 16" W x 7" T, designed to match the Polar Lights 1/350 USS Enterprise. The model is made from a combination of fiberglass and resin. The main model and nacelles are fiberglass that have been tinted to diffuse the lighting inside. All of the windows on the main body and the chiller grills on the nacelles have been molded into the model to make lighting and finishing easier. The tinting that was used in a UV stable tent meant for epoxy. It keeps the epoxy from yellowing over time and prevents it from yellowing if it is left in direct sunlight. The pylons, roll bar, torpedo housing, and shuttle bays are made from a light weight yet very durable Urethane resin. The pylons and roll bar have a metal rod running through them for wires to pass through. The model includes 2 complete shuttle bays (shuttles not included). There is also a full decal set included with this model. This model would make a fantastic addition to anyone's Star Trek collection. This listing is for an un assembled model kit. If you would like a built Reliant that is a service I offer. Please contact me if interested. If you have any questions feel free to ask. 01/22

Shaun Waite I'm looking for the Star Trek Daedalus class model kit made by Ugh! Models. Ugh! Stopped making Star Trek ship models and this particular one is hard to find. Tried looking on Ebay with no luck. Please help me find a kit. 6/30

James Rye Hi there, I am looking for an aztec masking set for the 1/350 refit enterprise. I am in the UK. 0321

Tony Crews Looking for a decal sheet to at Polar Lights 1/350th USS Enterprise kit (TOS). Pay or trade, let me know what you're looking for and I may have it or have suggestions for you. Thanks! 1/20

Mike Bennett I'm looking for the instructions for the 1989 AMT #6858 model kit for Star Trek 3 Piece Adversary Set. I would also like to know if there were any decals included in the original release of this kit. Thank you. 12/20

Steven Lewis Any Kitbashers have a Monogram Marquis Raider they want to get rid of? I am in need of a few parts and would be willing to pay for a built, partially built, wrecked kit. Let me know and I'll get back with you ASAP. Thanks. 12/14

Robert Rembacz MicroMachines by Galoob for sale....USD 20.00 per set Each set contains three craft.No stated scale Star Trek The Movies:U.S.S Excelsior; U.S.S.Reliant; Kilngon Bird of Prey Star Trek DS9: Cardassian Galor Warship;SpaceStation DS9; Runabout 10/22

Kevin I opened a 1/1400 Enterprise D Box (AMT6619) and found it was missing two clear parts: part 503, one of the nacelle "Nose Piece" (bussard collector) and part 501, "main impulse engine right". Are there any kit bashers out there that have any clear pieces left over from this kit? 9/26

Robert I have a Polar Lights 1/350 USS Enterprise NCC-1701A, kit #4204. I want to do a straight trade for a 1/350 Polar Lights TOS USS Enterprise, kit #POL938 The kit I have has been sitting on a garage shelf for quite some time. The box is in excellent condition and most of the parts bags are still unopened. The kit has the instructions and decals. If you are in the SoCal area and have a 1/350 TOS Enterprise to trade, we could meet at a Mc-D's or some place public, midway between your city and Bakersfield. I will honor the appropriate social distancing courtesies 7/20

David C Jones Looking for 1/1000 Federation Destroyer/USS Larson Class conversion by Starship Modeler for Polar Lights TOS Enterprise. 6/12

David C Jones Looking for 1/1000 Federation Frigate/USS Loknar Class conversion by Starship Modeler for Polar Lights TOS Enterprise. 6/12

Other Sci-Fi

Gerard Syfu MOEBIUS INTERSTELLAR RANGER, 1/72 Scale Box has been opened, but all parts are in factory sealed plastic. This is a complete kit, fairly hard to find. Asking $120.00 8/7

Jared ST Selling own KOMBINAT garage resin kits in nice boxes. Prices for the Starship Modeler community. Unavailable in stores. Condition: new. Look for pictures, videos, and more info at Add shipping cost from Europe/Poland. ***Kit #1: 1/35 SCI-FI MECHANIC MINIATURE FROM THE 5DR KIT ($17) ***Kit #2: 1/35 SCI-FI MILVUS-62 DRONE OPERATOR MINIATURE ($19) ***Kit #3: "5DR" TECHNICAL RESCUE MECHA AKA "RESCUE LABOR" ($420) - One of the most massive resin kits on the planet! Resin kit of the "5DR", a Technical Rescue sci-fi mecha. The code-named "RESCUE LABOR" machine comes from an alternative universe, where it was in service in several areas of the Soviet Union. It's an uncommon production of a kit featuring 330 resin parts and 95 metal parts! Decals, photoetched parts, large manual. ***Kit #4: "MILVUS-62" HEAVY ASSAULT DRONE ($170) The newest mecha of Kombinat, Resin kit of a sci-fi mecha Heavy Assault Drone "MILVUS-62". It comes from an unnamed alternative universe, where it was in military service in several areas of the Soviet Union and associated nations. The MILVUS drone features the same 1/35 scale as the 5DR mecha so both look great side by side. 45 resin parts, 4 other parts, decals, large manual. 6/22

Charles Kelley looking for fusion light s for 18 inch jupiter 2 1/8

Kenneth Molta Hi I'm looking for rhe glass dome for the Moebius lost in space robot. 9/21

Rolland Rivera Hi, I'm looking for Black Sun Models Wormhole Explorer Module (Farscape 1) - thanks 5/26

Ken Aubrey Jr Looking for Stargazer Orion III Spaceplane resin kit 5/9/2

Dan holtendorp Hi. Looking for a large scale serenity firefly and voyager. Cash or obscure. Tofino BC Canada. Also looking for dimensional drawings to fabricate very large scale. 4/20

martin jurblum Looking for Pan Am decals for airfix 2001 Orion kit. need to post to Australia. 01/06

Gregory Parker I am in desperate need of a replacement sprue for the Bandai Andromeda 2202 DX 1/1000 model kit (not the movie effects version). I have a cat that likes small things to play with and she somehow made off with a piece from sprue F2 (part 6 or 7) after I primed it light gray (and my workshop has a light gray floor so I am unlikely to ever find it). Thank you. Thank you. 5/23

Real Space

Paul Harrington Looking for spare parts for the following kit windows Revell 1:144 space shuttle cockpit window Part # 105 Looking for Airfix 1:144 space shuttle overhead window part # 4& port hatch window Part #2 02/22

Steve D For sale X 33 1/25 scale model kits. 36 inch wingspan 30 inch length Fiberglass body with all components to assemble I was building these models for Lockheed Skunkworks, there are 2 hulls left. Including decals, drawings and photos Email me I?ll provide photos, I?m located in Chicago area Asking $500 ea. plus shipping cost Thank you 8/3


Wolfgang Rauh Liquidating my stash of over 200 Sci-Fi and Military kits in both styrene and resin. 90% of these are still in the shrink wrap. The opened kits are complete. If you see a kit in the list you are interested in please send me e-mail and I will do my best to send a photo of the actual kit and full description. I believe the asking prices are fare, but should be considered as (price)/OBO. I will consider reasonable offers. Buyer is also responsible for shipping charges. I am located in WA, USA 98387. ****************************************************** Academy Admiral Graf Spee 1/350 45.00 Academy CH-53E Super Stallion 1/48 45.00 Academy USS Indianapolis 1/350 55.00 AMT Star Trek Adversary set (opened) 20.00 AMT Amtronic (original) 50.00 AMT Amtronic (2nd issue) 25.00 AMT Amtronic (3rd issue) 25.00 AMT Batmobile (movie) 30.00 AMT Cardassian Galor Class 30.00 AMT Christine 30.00 AMT Cutaway USS Enterprise (1st Issue) 40.00 AMT Cutaway USS Enterprise (1st Issue) 40.00 AMT Cutaway Millenium Falcon 55.00 AMT DS9 (fiber optic) space station 100.00 AMT DS9 Runabout Rio Grande 35.00 AMT DS9 USS Defiant 40.00 AMT Fiber Optic Kit 20.00 AMT Galileo Shuttle Craft (original) 45.00 AMT Generations Klingon Bird of Prey 35.00 AMT Gungan Sub 45.00 AMT Imperial Tie Fighters 50.00 AMT K-7 Space Station 35.00 AMT Klingon cruiser (Micro 1/1600) 20.00 AMT Klingon cruiser (original) 65.00 AMT Klingon cruiser (original/lighted/sealed) 170.00 AMT Klingon cruiser (TMP) 25.00 AMT Klingon K'Tinga 1/537 40.00 AMT Klingon K'Tinga 1/537 (No Box) 15.00 AMT Klingon cruiser (sub into orig. box) 50.00 AMT Klingon Bird Of Prey 1/350 55.00 AMT Legendary Space Encounters 30.00 AMT Leif Ericson (original) 250.00 AMT Leif Ericson (2nd issue) 70.00 AMT Naboo Fighter 40.00 AMT (Pocket) 1/1716 Radiant VII 5.00 AMT (Pocket) Sith Infilitrator 5.00 AMT (Pocket) Trade Federation Landing Ship 5.00 AMT (Pocket) Trade Federation Large Transport 5.00 AMT Romulan Bird Of Prey 1/650 30.00 AMT Romulan Bird Of Prey 1/650 30.00 AMT Romulan Bird Of Prey (Micro 1/1600) 20.00 AMT Romulan War Bird 1/3200 (first issue) 45.00 AMT Slave 1 35.00 AMT Speeder Bike Display 40.00 AMT Star Destroyer (fiber optic) 40.00 AMT (Tin Box) Klingon D-7 50.00 AMT (Tin Box) K-7 Space Station 50.00 AMT (Tin Box) Romulan Bird of Prey 50.00 AMT (Tin Box) USS Enterprise TOS 50.00 AMT TNG Klingon Battle Cruiser 35.00 AMT UFO Mystery Ship 45.00 AMT USS Excelsior 35.00 AMT USS Enterprise (Micro 1/1600) 20.00 AMT USS Enterprise (S951 lighted) 70.00 AMT USS Enterprise (S951 lighted/sealed) 170.00 AMT USS Enterprise A TMP (smoothie) 70.00 AMT USS Enterprise R2 1/650 35.00 AMT USS Enterprise A (ST IV) 40.00 AMT USS Enterprise B 50.00 AMT USS Enterprise B 1/1000 50.00 AMT USS Enterprise C 1/2500 25.00 AMT USS Enterprise C 1/1400 75.00 AMT USS Enterprise D (Fiber Optic) 70.00 AMT USS Enterprise D (Original) 70.00 AMT USS Enterprise D (Clear 1/1400) 100.00 AMT USS Enterprise E (Insurrection) 45.00 AMT USS Enterprise E (2nd Issue) 45.00 AMT USS Enterprise Flight Display 20.00 AMT USS Reliant 1/650 (1st Issue) 40.00 AMT USS Reliant 1/537 (2nd Issue) 90.00 AMT Vulcan Shuttle (TMP) 25.00 Aoshima "Super Big" Thunderbird 2 85.00 Atlantis TR-3E Triangular UFO 20.00 Bandai Gundam Mk-II Titans 35.00 Bandai Tie Striker 1/72 30.00 Bandai Y-Wing Fighter 1/72 40.00 Dragon Scharnhorst 1941 1/350 150.00 Fantastic Plastic Eastern Alliance Destroyer 75.00 Fine Molds Millenium Falcon 1/72 270.00 Halcyon Alien Narcissus Shuttle 65.00 Halcyon Alien Narcissus Shuttle 65.00 Halcyon Aliens Power Loader (with Ripley) 60.00 Halcyon Aliens Power Loader (with Ripley) 60.00 Halcyon Aliens Power Loader (with Ripley) 60.00 Hasegawa A-4E/F Skyhawk 1/48 40.00 Hasegawa Operation Omega Lunar Vehicle 80.00 Hobby Boss A-10 Warthog "Thunderbolt" 1/48 80.00 IMAI Thunderbird 4 40.00 Matchbox Messerschmitt Bf/109E-3 1/32 30.00 Mike Salzo 37.5" Battlestar Galactica 800.00 Moebius 2001: A Space Odyssey Moon Bus 35.00 Moebius 2001: A Space Odyssey Space Clipper 25.00 Moebius BSG Colonial Raptor 85.00 Moebius BSG Colonial Raptor ARMAMENT SET 55.00 Moebius BSG Colonial One 45.00 Moebius BSG Cylon Raider TNS 30.00 Moebius BSG Cylon Raider TOS 70.00 Moebius BSG Galactica TNS 80.00 Moebius BSG Galactica TOS 120.00 Moebius BSG Pegasus TNS 80.00 Moebius BSG Viper Mark II 65.00 Moebius BSG Viper Mark VII 55.00 Moebius Flying Sub 1/32 65.00 Moebius Interstellar Ranger 70.00 Moebius Jupiter II 1/35 120.00 Moebius Proteus Submarine (Fantastic Voyage) 90.00 Moebius Seaview 1/128 (4 Window) 120.00 Moebius Space Pod (Lost in Space) 25.00 Moebius "The Chariot" (Lost in Space) 50.00 Moebius "The Voyager" spaceship 30.00 Monogram Eagle Lunar Explorer 45.00 Monogram F-14A Tomcat 25.00 Monogram Flying Sub 1/60 35.00 Monogram Invaders UFO 1/72 35.00 Monogram Kazon ship 25.00 Monogram Kazon Torpedo 20.00 Monogram Maquis Ship 35.00 Monogram Messerschmitt Bf 110 1/72 20.00 Monogram Rommel's Rod 45.00 Monogram Seaquest Ensign Darwin 15.00 Monogram Seaquest Deep Ocean Transport 20.00 Monogram Seaquest DSV 25.00 Monogram Seaquest Stinger 20.00 Monogram USS Voyager (original) 40.00 Monogram USS Voyager (original) 40.00 MPC A-Wing Fighter 20.00 MPC AT-AT 50.00 MPC AT-ST 20.00 MPC B-Wing Fighter 30.00 MPC C-3PO 25.00 MPC ESB Snow Speeder 25.00 MPC Millenium Falcon (original) 50.00 MPC R2-D2 25.00 MPC Shuttle Tydirium 55.00 MPC Space:1999 Eagle Transporter 1/72 35.00 MPC Tie Advanced (original) 40.00 MPC Tie Interceptor 20.00 MPC Tie Interceptor 20.00 MPC Tie Interceptor 20.00 MPC X-Wing Fighter (original) 30.00 Pegasus Nautilus Submarine 70.00 Polar Lights Batmobile (1966 version) 35.00 Polar Lights TMP K'Tinga Light Kit 1/350 70.00 Polar Lights TMP K'Tinga 1/350 100.00 Polar Lights TMP K'Tinga 1/350 100.00 Polar Lights Land of the Giants Spindrift 30.00 Polar Lights Land of the Giants Spindrift 30.00 Polar Lights Land of the Giants Spindrift 30.00 Polar Lights NCC-1701 Refit 1/350 (1st Issue) 120.00 Polar Lights NX-01 1/350 (1st Issue) 160.00 Polar Lights NX-01 1/350 (2nd Issue) 160.00 Polar Lights USS Enterprise Refit 1/1000 40.00 Polar Lights USS Enterprise NX-01 Refit 1/1000 35.00 Polar Lights USS Enterprise TOS 1/1000 35.00 Polar Lights USS Reliant 1/1000 35.00 Randy Cooper 38" Avenger Star Destroyer 750.00 Randy Cooper Galileo Shuttle Craft 400.00 Randy Cooper Radiant VII Transport 450.00 Randy Cooper Tantive IV (Blockade Runner) 425.00 Randy Johnson (Korbanth) Super Star Destroyer 400.00 Revell Arc-170 Star Fighter 30.00 Revell Babylon 5 Space Station 65.00 Revell Babylon 5 Space Station 65.00 Revell Babylon 5 Star Fury Mk I 95.00 Revell BSG Cylon Raider TOS 40.00 Revell BSG Cylon Base ship TOS 60.00 Revell BSG Cylon Base ship TOS 60.00 Revell Fokker DR.I Tri-plane 25.00 Revell Junkers Ju-87 Stuka 1/72 20.00 Revell Klingon D-7 1/600 75.00 Revell Mono BSG Galactica TOS (2nd Issue) 90.00 Revell P-61 Black Widow 1/48 40.00 Revell Republic Star Destroyer 120.00 Revell Republic Attack Shuttle 40.00 Revell U-99 Type VIIB 1/125 35.00 Revell U-505 Type IXC 1/72 125.00 Revell U-Wing Fighter 15.00 Revell USS Enterprise 1/600 75.00 Revell USS Voyager 1/600 75.00 Revell X-Wing Fighter 1/29 130.00 Skynet (Aoshima) Alien Narcissus Shuttle 65.00 Starcraft USS Ares (Axanar) 1/1000 95.00 Starcraft Klingon D6 (Axanar) 1/1000 95.00 Stargazer 2001 Discovery One 325.00 Stephen Wright 23rd Century (phaser) pistol 40.00 Steve Neisen 1/350 Klingon D-7 400.00 Steve Neisen 1/350 K'Tinga 325.00 Tamiya BB-62 USS New Jersey 1/350 100.00 Tamiya BB-63 USS Missouri 1944 1/350 120.00 Tamiya CV-65 USS Enterprise 1/350 150.00 Tamiya DKM Bismarck w/extras 1/350 75.00 Tamiya DKM Tirpitz (motorized) 1/350 75.00 Tamiya F117-A 1/48 45.00 Tamiya HMS Prince Of Wales 1/350 70.00 Tamiya IJN Destroyer Kagero 1/350 60.00 Tamiya IJN Cruiser Mikuma 1/350 120.00 Tamiya IJN Yamato 1/350 130.00 Tamiya King Tiger 1/35 45.00 Trumpeter DKM Bismarck 1/200 200.00 Trumpeter DKM Prinz Eugen 1/350 95.00 Trumpeter HMS Hood 1/350 95.00 Trumpeter Messerschmitt Me 262 A-2a 1/32 45.00 Trumpeter USS The Sullivans 1/350 30.00 Trumpeter Z-43 (1944) German Destroyer 1/350 35.00 WarpM Star Trek Oberth Class 1/537 130.00 Wilson/Holt SSC Christopher Columbus (resin) 80.00 Zvezda Star Destroyer 1/2700 160.00 5/22

Wayne N Snyder I have the following Kits for Sale: AMT; Deep Space 9 station [Not the lighted one]
USS Defiant
Rio Grande
First Contact Enterprise E
Bird of Prey
USS Excelsior
Polar Lights: TOS Enterprise [small]
TOS Enterprise [small] Lighting Kit
TOS Enterprise [Large Kit]
Enterprise-A [Large Kit]

Also AMY Space 1999 Eagle

Looking for Best offer [you also pay shipping which I'll contact you about]. I already have a good idea what they are worth. I'm selling my collection because I'm raising funds for medical expenses I've incurred. I'm desperate but not foolish enough to sell to low-ball bids. All kits are opened, all kits are completed, still on sprues, decals included. I'll be happy to provide pics of kits [box & parts] so you'll see what you are getting before you pay, Note: None of the kits are the early releases, most are circa 1990's -2000's 3/18

Steve Pease I'm selling 2/3 of my SF model collection, from real space to ST/SW etc. Some are from the 1960's, all are exc to mint, aka as I bought them at the store. Send for my list at 11/16

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