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Starship Modeler's 24th Contest: Trek Wars

U.S.S. Stanwix NCC-51910

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By Scott Scariot

Scale: 1/1400

This is the Stanwix class U.S.S. Stanwix, a variant of the Ambassador class. These ships were designed to be deep space exploration vessels. The larger nacelles and the addition of the third nacelle increased warp efficiency and allowed ships of this class to stay at higher warp speeds for longer periods of time. Ships of this class also had larger flight decks and more phaser banks than a typical Ambassador. The ship is named after General John Stanwix, who served under General Forbes in the French and Indian War.

This model is 1/1400 and began life from AMT's Enterprise C kit. The idea for this model began last year. My original plan was to use standard size warp nacelles. I ordered nacelle inserts from DLM for the project. Unfortunately, Don passed before my order was filled. I thought that might be the end of the project. However, Federation models came to my rescue. Federation models sells Ambassador variant nacelles so e-mailed him and told him my idea for the project and he offered to make me a 3-nacelle package.

So, with new nacelles sourced I needed to figure out how I was going to attach the third nacelle. Originally I was going to build something like what was on the 3 nacelled Enterprise D. I spoke to one of the design instructors at school and he suggested I should try and match the existing pylons. I'm so glad he did. I scratch built a simple pylon out of 3 pieces of 040 styrene. The pylon looks great and was so much easier to build than what I had originally planned.

The windows on the model were drilled out and filed to open each one up. I used LED tape to light the nacelles and interior. I also used a mix of 5mm and 3mm LEDs light other areas of the ship.

The model was painted with Model Master Enamels. The decals are a custom sheet from JT Graphics. As always, they were awesome.

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