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Model Builders for Hire

Looking for someone to build a model for you? You've come to the right place. Here's how it works: modelers from around the world who are willing to build for a fee are listed below. Simply choose one who looks promising, eMail them, and work something out.

Please Note! We can NOT guarantee or otherwise endorse the reliability or integrity of anyone listed here, or the quality or completeness of the items they build. That said, We expect y'all to carry on honest dealing here. Please notify us of any problems or abuses. Should the someone cause a problem twice, they will be barred from this page forever, and a warning posted advising folks not to deal with them.

Are you willing to build for others? Contact us to have your name listed - or to have it removed!

For the best results, make sure you tell us:

  • Your name
  • Where in the world you are
  • Your website, if you have one, and
  • How to contact you.

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The following folks have expressed a willingness to build kits for others. Contact them for more info:

--- Victor Allen, from Kansas City, MO, says " I build model cars and sci-fi model space ships in all scale and sizes. I am good with installing led lighting and speakers for sound effects. I have been building models since 1990. I currently started back model building in 2011. I like to build models for people who don't know how to construct or just don't have the time or patience to assemble a model kit at a price they can afford.

--- Daniel Assael, of Winter Park, FL (a suburb of Orlando), designs and builds Detailed Architectural Scale Models, Topographical Scale Models, Site Plan Scale Models, Motivational Story-Telling Sales Models, Interactive Scale Models, Construction Field Maquettes, Natural Form Rockwork Maquettes, Landscape Scale Models, Realistic Water Effects Scale Models, Full-Size Mock-Ups, Themed Character Sculpting, Animal and People Sculptings, Doll Houses, Electrified Lighted Scale Models, White Scale Models, Mass Form Massing Models, One of a Kind Original Accurate Architectural Elements, Looks-Like Works-Like Product Prototypes, Mechanical Operational Models and Prototypes, and Display Pedestals, Cabinets and Plinths for businesses and individuals. Please visit to view examples of my work.

--- Wasili Angelopoulos. Wasili, of Amsterdam, Netherlands, says "I am a professional modelmaker with 1000sq. ft workshop, cnc, vacuumcasting, rotocasting. Long experience in custom-made models, shipmodels (high detail level, with custom etchings and lettering). Love to do studio-scale sci-fi. Many projects (ships, architectural, props, etc.) can be viewed at my website. Inquire with your project or idea, and you might be surprised with the quote."

--- Daniel Attree. Danny, of Kent in the UK, says "I have building models for many years and you will find some of my early work in this site's Babylon 5 Reader's Gallery, look under Danny or Daniel Attree. I do not build just sci-fi kits - I also do a lot of large scale jets. I do a a great deal of detail work and scratch building but I am also happy to build OOB. I am a time served mechanical engineer from a heavy industry background which involved a lot of machining and bench fitting, a perfect background for model building. Click here to see my website.

If you tell me what you want, I will endevour to give you a fair price."

--- Ross Berrey. Ross, of Cowes, Isle of Wight, England says "I have been a professional model maker for over ten years and have built models for local boat companys and construction firms, its nice to make a living out of something you love doing."

--- Randy Biddle. Randy, of Valencia, CA – Southern California, says "Highly experienced professional. Fine art/investment grade ship models. Any subject/any scale. Meticulously researched and finely crafted. Typical prices $5K to $75K. Repairs, restoration and consultation also. Museum, institutional and individual collectors. Large personal reference library and international network of research colleagues. No website at present. Serious inquiries welcomed."

--- Randy B. Black. Randy, of Smithville, TN, says "I've building models of different sorts from raw materials most of my life. I would like to build models for a career but dont have a clue on how to get started earning an income with the talent I have. Can you HELP me get started? If intereasted in my talent and can put me to work, please contact me."

--- Terry Blackwell. Terry, of SLucerne Valley, CA, says "I am an expert kit builder and customozer. 35 years of model building experience. Cars, trains, planes, ships, figures, sci-fi and so on. I build for realism. Clean and new or weathered and dirty. Thank you for your consideration."

--- Paul Bosher. Paul, from Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK, says "I have been making modles for over 30 years, including full size Tardis /R2D2 units. I will consider most Items for build. Please contact me for details".

--- Micheal Boudreau. Mike, from Portland, OR, says "In 1989 I was contracted to create a model of the Titanic. I built one that is 20' long with complete detail, which now is displayed at the Boston Museum of Science. I also have done free lance modeling for ILM, for 4 months as an instructional experience. The one thing I do not like is the fact that most models are in so many diferent scales that it is difficult to finish a collection. I'm opening a new manufacturing company in May that will be dedicated to the collector and/or enthusiasts. Please email me with any and all requests and questions, I'm here to fullfil your dreams. I have CNC machines,,thermoformers,,engravers,and all mold making equipment".

--- Steve Brejnak. Steve, from Chesterfield Township, MI is a computer draftsman by day and crazed modeler by night. He likes different and unique projects and has well over 20 years experience building models. Check out his web page to see his workmanship.

--- William Brodsky of Henderson, KY, says "I have been building models for 40+ years. In that time I have accumulated a vast array of modeling accessories. No job is too big or too small. I enjoy the challenge a model presents. I only work with plastics, no metal or wood. Any questions, feel free to email".

--- Ray Brown. Ray, of Hickman, NE, says "I design and scratchbuild Sci-Fi, Autos, Aircraft, Personality Realted Vehicles, Hobby-related, work-related, etc. Tell me about yourself and receive a funny representation of who you are, what you do or what you like".

--- Christopher Bryan. Christopher, of Richmond, VA, says "To obtain a position as a custom fabricator of scale military vehicles and/or dioramas. I have ten years of experience and have received over 75 awards at competitions for first place, best out-of-box, and best-in-show. I have also created custom builds and large museum projects. I have a strong commitment to reference and research in order to ensure accuracy and detail orientation.

1998-Present: Competitive Scale Modeler

  • Fabricate scale models of military vehicles and dioramas for local, regional, state, and national competitions.
  • Private contract builds according to customer specifications.
  • Pro bono projects for Holocaust Museum


  • Surface texturing (Sand Mold, Foundry)
  • Impact Marks
  • Painting techniques (Dessert; European, all seasons, all eras; Single tone; Double tone; Tri-tone; Liquid Mask; Soft Mask, Frisket Mask; Filters; Washes)
  • Lettering (Dry rub; Water Slide; Airbrush Frisket)
  • Fades (Oil paints; Airbrush; Pigment Powders; Paint Chips; Rain and Rust Marks)
  • Mud (Wet or Dry)
  • Tracks (Link and Length; Individual; Rubber Band; Fruil)
  • Wheels (All Geographics and Climates)
  • Oil and Fuel Spills
  • Woodgrain
  • Scratch-builds Working from Line Drawings
  • Resin Casting
  • Creating Latex Molds
  • Detailed Figures
  • Ability to create a diorama that causes the viewer's eye to move through the piece in a predetermined flow.
  • Equally adept with acrylics or enamels"

--- Bruce ("Bruce The Brush") Byerly . Bruce, of Dubuque, IA, says: "I have been building for years and have won several awards. I've done build-ups for ERTL, Rev-Mon, House of Anime, Hard Hero, and collectors too numerous to list. You have probably seen me and talked with me at Wonderfest and the Kitbuilder shows. Drop me a line."

--- Bill "Modelguy" Carreon. Bill, of Chicago, IL, has made build-ups for Revell-Monogram packages. Uses multi-media techniques to produce kick-butt figures and spacecraft. Dinos are specialty. Contact him for photos of his work. NO PORN KITS PLEASE.

--- Thomas Casto. Thomas, of Hibbing, MN, says "I am a graduate of Bemidji State University, I have a Bachelors of Science in design with a emphasis in model design and model making. I have profeciency in Autocad, ProEgineering, various shop tools,experience in fabricating those hard to find peices."

--- Steve Cook. Steve, of West Allis, WI, says "I have been building models for quite some time and learning new things every day. I will build mostly anything, but do more aircraft on a frequent basis. Research and reviews, help to put out a more realistic model. I visit hyperscales forums on a daily basis. Hyperscales web pages are filled with tips techniques and posted photos of all kinds of builds. If you have a model that you would like custom built, email me for a quote on the subject you require."

--- Robert E Cutshall. Robert, of Centennial, CO, says "I have been building models for approx. 30 years and hav just begun to switch over to figure models. Also, building for others is new to me, so I would appreciate your patience as I gather photos for references and reccomendations."

--- Vincent D'Alessandro. Vincent, of North Billerica, MA, says "I own a consulting company that provides Electronic/Computer design services. In my spare time I like to work on building model kits and adding electronic controls to them. This includes lighting control, computer control, and touch screen/keypad control. If you want to add electronics to your model but don't have the knowledge to design the circuit you can contact me via email. Circuit boards are professionally designed and manufactured (Typically the cost of a professional board includes more than 1 board). If you don't want the circuit board I can design just the circuit, then you can build the circuit yourself."

--- Andrew "lalahsghost" Dasilva. Andrew, of Virginia Beach, VA, says "I have not been able to model for myself, yet I am addicted, and am having modeling withdrawal. I build for free. All you have to do is send the model, and 75% of the cost of the needed supplies (if I don't already have what is needed) and shipping back to you. I ONLY DO Gundam (1/144 and 1/100 NON MG), Patlabor (1/60), Dunbine (1/72), Evangelion kits (1/144). I only do these kits because they are what I am accustomed with. I take pride in my work, and take the time to make a quality product. If I over-estimate the price of supplies... YOU WILL GET YOUR CHANGE BACK! with a reciept showing what I spent".

--- Allain Jay del Rosario. Allain, of Manila in the Philippines, says "I am very fond of assembling Gundam since my high school days and I am willing to assemble different kits ranging from SDs, NG, HGUC and HG 1/100. If you really love your Gundams but you don't have the time to build, let me know so that I am able to help you. Please contact me!"

--- Mat Demunbrun.says "I built models for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in DC. I can build ANY kit on EARTH! Prices are reasonable; time, depending on how you want it i.e., lighting, hyper- details, weathering, etc. can take time. Usually within 1 month. Specializing in science fiction, war planes, and scrachbuilt. eMail and we can discuss your PASSIONS."

--- Brad Dillon. Brad, of Grand Junction CO, says "I specialize in building scale replicas of both fiction and non-fiction subjects. I have over twenty years of model building experience, of which over ten years has been almost exclusively in the area of scratchbuilding. Whether you need a model built straight out of the box, or a model built from scratch to your specifications, I can help you. To see various samples of my work please feel free to visit my website".

--- Jim Dore. Jim, from the San Diego, CA area, says "I have built models all scales, and shipped around the world. Check my web site for more info."

--- Cal Dowling. Cal, of Denver CO, says " I'll do Sci-fi / Fantasy, Anime, Vinyl and Resin Figure kits, and Gaming Minatures such as D&D or Warhammer / Warhammer 40K and Battletech. I've won many awards at local Starcon and Nan desu kan model shows".

--- Thorsten Dressel. Thorsten, of Cologne, Germany, says: "

After many years of gaining modeling experiences (I started at the age of 6 and stuck to it ever since) I decided to go professional two years ago. I work as an architectural modeller but I do any commission work related to static display models no matter if built from plans or from commercially available model kits. I work with plastic, resin, metal, wood or even paper depending on the subject. Sci-fi-related stuff has always been among my favourites, I love building all kinds of ships, mech or structures, no matter if Star Wars-, StarTrek-, Anime-related or just from the ideas of customers. If there is no kit available I can usually build it from scratch using blueprints, photos or other artwork of the subject.

I also do paintings to order, as you can see my pictures are mostly technical/landscape-oriented but I will try my skills on almost anything. While airbrush technique might be useful for certain topics, I tend to brush-paint to create a more genuine, traditional painting style and avoid a smooth, 'computer-generated' look.

Take a look at my website to get an idea of my work.Even though this site is in German, do not hesitate to drop me a mail in English if you want me to build/paint anything for you, even if you live overseas. Just let me know the details of your project (e.g. should it be 'out of box', with added conversion parts, a full scratchbuilt model, a painting from a particular photo, a special size etc.) and I will give you an estimate of the cost based on working hours and material cost."

--- Gino Dykstra. Gino, of Coralville, IA, says "I did the graphic work for Web Games decals, have done professional modeling for some 35 years -- models have been featured in a couple of movies so far. Fast, extremely reliable and fair pricing. You can see some of my work on Drop me a line if I can help".

--- Eric. Eric, of Orange, CA, says: "I build sci-fi kits mostly. I will do any conversions you wish. If you do not have the kit, I will also find it for you. I also make lightsbers. I will not duplicate movie sabers, however if you have your own design I will make it. Figures from games such as Warhamer 40K are also doable. I will charge the price of the kit (if you dont have it), materials, shiping and a fair price for my time and knowlage. I am a talented craftsman. "

--- Han Erickson. Han, of Wisconsin Rapids, WI, says "I am a modeler who has been building projects for over twenty years. I am experienced in building studio quality replicas both lighted and static using all kinds of building techniques, paints, and lighting techniques including the use of LED's, floresence, and lightsheet. I can build to suit, scratch build, or build a kit that you already have. I have a variety of photos of various completed, and in progress projects. I look forward to helping out!".

--- Victor Feodorov. Victor Michael Feodorov, of Wichita,KS, says " I'm a plastic military model enthusiast and specialize in 1/35th scale models of Second World War German military vehicles. I've been building models since the early sixties, and started taking it up again seriously around 1995. I have picked up many tricks along the way and would love to build you your German AFV of your dreams. My blog is . You can see some of my completed work and some articles that show the whole construction process."

--- Paulo Felipe. Paulo Felipe, of Santos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, says "I am a modelmaker for over fifteen years.Sci-fi kits is my specilaty. I build model kits with lighting with use of LEDs. Contact me for details at my blog."

--- Dave Fuller. Dave, of Smiths Falls, Ontario (Canada) says "I have bees scratch-building for about a year and a half and each new project hase taught me somthing different. Check out my works in progress at".

--- Oscar Gagliardi, Jr.. Oscar, from Emmitsburg, MD, says "I specialize on building plastic model airplanes from WWII. I am very passionate about this hobby. I like to modify and customize my models to the point of including electric motors and lights for and added touch of realism. I have been maintaining my web site since 1997 providing tips and techniques about the art of building plastic model airplanes. Visit my web site to see some pictures."

--- Adam Gastelum. Proven unreliable. Do not deal with this person.

--- Daylan Geerlings. Daylan, of Mtunzini, South Africa, is a professional model builder who specializes in building models from scratch. He says "I also do dioramas, fantasy art, Anime, personal car concept designing and pencil drawings. I have twelve years of model building experience, initially using model kits then advancing to the more complex art of scratch building. I have already won an award and leading model builders have always told me to pursue a career utilising my talents."

--- John Geigle. John's Vancouver, WA company Masterpiece Models, builds everything from original pieces to kits - no project too big or too small.

--- Gemini Model Build-Up Studios. Gemini Model Build-Up Studios of Saddlebrooke, AZ, is a professional model building service for collectors of all types, scales and materials. Model build-ups, custom dioramas, conversions, kit restorations and more. Visit our website here.

--- Grimsby Shipyards. Grimsby Shipyards is a small business in Grimsby, England that specialises in building Star Trek model kits. " Building price for a model is variable, but I don't charge much because I enjoy building them and I take pride in my work. I am fully experienced in these models and have been building them for as long as I can remember".

--- William Gulliver of Phoenix, AZ, builds Science Fiction models for clients. He will also accept non-Sci-Fi projects as well and even accept client supplied kits to build. All transactions are done through PayPal for the safest shopping experience possible.

Skills include:

  • LED Lighting & Installation
  • Plastic Fabrication & Enhancing
  • Putty Sculpting
  • Miniature Dioramas
  • 0 & 1 fine tipped brush detail work by hand
  • Airbrushing
  • Spray Painting (Primer, Light Blocking, Base Coats, Texturing)
  • Photoetch Painting & Installation

    For more information on available services please visit Gulliver's Scale Modeling Arts

  • --- Dominic Handl . Dominic, from Honolulu, HI, says: "My kit building experiences are mostly platic kits of Mecha from 1/72 to 1/60th scales. I can build anything. Macross Hasegawa VF-1 series Valkyrie kits. Any Gundam plasic kits. Warhammer 40k Vehicle models. Any color scheme I can do. Name it and I will paint the kit in that color. I will ship the kit to you free once I'm done with it. The fee of the model after assembly, I will discuss by email."

    --- Brad Hair. Brad has a scale model build up and scratchbuilding service that you can visit online by clicking here.

    --- Skip Harris. Skip, of San Antonio, TX, says he has "over 30 years modeling experience 1992 - 2006 production manager, lead builder, lead buyer, Thunderbolt Hobbies, San Antonio, Texas. Will build styrene, resin, metal, vacuforms. Capable to fabricate and cast, scratchbuild, etc. Will build any genre, but prefer Sci-Fi. Lighting, fiber optics, sound and some animation available. If you have an idea, I have a solution. I also provide consultations, repairs and restorations of existing models, props and memorabilia. Located in San Antonio but will accept work outside the area. Reasonable rates, drop a line and find out more."

    --- Buck Hedges. Buck, from Pocatello, Idaho, says "I custom build terrain, in any scale, anything you can dream up. I have built miniature wargames terrain and dioramas since 1995. My main client has been Cache Game and Hobby of Logan, Utah. I can provide other references on request. I am currently working on a site at Eventually it will include a gallery. In the meantime, I can e-mail pictures of my work to anyone who asks. "

    --- Robert Hladik Sr says "I have built everything from cars, WW2 planes & tanks, ships. Most of these were done with spray paint, but I'm making the switch to airbrushing, to add more detail."


    --- Rob and Rainie Howard. Rob and Rainie, from Lebanon, PA, say they provide "Professionally built miniatures specializing in realistic weathering effects. Also sculpting services specializing in all types of figures in scales from 54mm to 100mm. There is no project too difficult for us. Over 40 years of Modelling experience. Visit our website at".

    --- Edward (Tre) Howe. Edward, from Marlton, NJ, says he's an "Avid model builder for 20+years specializing I 1/48 scale aircraft and Star Trek spacecraft of all shapes and sizes. Have extensive experience with resin and lighting. Willing to build to suit and ship."

    --- John Hoyt. John, from Lincoln, IL, says: "I am a Professional Builder with over 30 years of building experience. I specialize in the re-engineering, building and the illumination of plastic model kits of SCI-FI and HISTORICAL Space ships. I prefer kits by AMT/ERTL, Polar Lights, Revell-Monogram, Aurora, and toys by Playmates. I use custom built circuits that allow most of the FX to be bright enough to be visible even in a lighted room. Some of my unique effects include animated Star Trek bussard collectors, flashing position lights and strobes, and full length rectangular windowswithout using fiber optics. More recently I have added actual working lasers to a Klingon Bird of Prey and to the Robot from the Lost in Space movie.All illumination is acheived by solid state, voltage regulated components that are fully guaranteed for 10 years. Details and weathering are at your special requests. A further bonus - most models can easily be lifted off from their stands with no permanent wiring attached, and can be powered by an internal rechargeable battery pack.

    Contact me with your requests and we'll give you an estimate. "

    --- Shibing Huang. Shibing, from Tiffin, OH says "am willing to help others in Gundam models. I have good thoughts in Detailing and Reconstructing or Redesigning. I am very willing to build one for you. It's gonna be 100% detailed and just gonna be one of your greatest collections! Want to know more? Just email me and I will send the answer right back!"

    --- Behrle Hubbuch III. Berle, from Yellow Springs, OH, says "I am a professional sculptor with over 13 years in the gaming miniatures industry. I have sculpted miniatures in the Babylon 5 Wars, Battletech, and Crimson Skies, among others. I am currently working on a line of ships based on Battlestar Galactica. I am also a professional goldsmith with over 25 years in the business. I have recently been commissioned by several groups to sculpt life sized bronze portraits of loved ones. I make my own RTV molds and can cast pewter, silver, bronze or gold copies of your designs. "

    --- Brandon J. Irdi. Brandon, from Pittsburgh, PA, says "Highly detailed oriented, involved in aerospace exploratory division for USAF. Love Star Trek modeling, usually in level 3 or higher models. Not into miniatures alone. "

    --- Abe Joslin. Abe, from Tempe, AZ, says "I have years of experience in just about any modeling field. For pics of some of my work look in the Reader's Gallery under my name. I am very skilled and can do a number of projects for you. Please e-mail me with questions or comments. I have built too many models here to name them all, so if you want a list and/or pics just e-mail me."

    --- Terry Karselis. Terry, of Chesterfield, VA, says "I have 30 years experiance as a sculptor. I sculpt from 100mm to life size. Recently completed a commission for the USMC at Quantico - 6 life sized busts of Marine General officers for the Marine Corps University. I create miniature kits bust & figures under the name 'Pony Soldier Miniatures". I do custom work at reasonable prices. See my website here. eMail an image with dimensions for a quotation".

    --- Kaysee. Kaysee, of New York, NY, says "I'm a freelance modeler for over 15 years. I do all categories....but mainly military and sci-fi. All my works are in private collections. My slew of customers adore my airbrushed finishes, especially that weathered look. I, however, just do stock builds. Although you can ask for custom colors, and provide me with non-kit decals/ transfers or stencils. Doing a little photo-etch is ok too. Prices aren't dirt cheap-- but honest and worthy of your investment. Customers pay for labor, paints, and shipping/handling (when applicable)

  • payment types: paypal/money order/cash(in-person only)
  • delivery types: usps or local pick-up(yes, I do that too!)

    So, got some kits but don't have the time or motivation? Or want a nice model for yourself or friend/family member? Or perhaps just want to see what I can do?.......write me up and lets chit chat."

  • --- Stephen Keers. Stephen, from North East England, UK, says "Professional model maker, will build anything from model kits to scratch built studio sized miniatures. Built to industry standards, just E mail to disscuss your requirements."

    --- Mike Kellner. Mike, from Marengo IL, says "I have built models since the first grade. I am willing to build plastic static and wood R/C size models. I have placed in IPMS contests many times and currently do reviews for IPMS website. I have a 6 foot Stearman in the Training Museum in Douglas Ga. and have built a 9 foot P-51D made out of aluminum that flies. WWII airplanes are my first love but enjoy a ship here and there too. Currently working on some 5 foot PT boats. Will give an estimate to serious collectors. Thank you for your consideration. "

    --- Kenley. Kenley, from New York, NY, says "I am a native New Yorker who loves modeling. Hey, I've been building kits (mostly out-of-box) for over 25 years now. Been doing COMMISSIONED work for the last 15 years. My works are in Private collections. My customers like my 'factory-fresh' paint work as they do my weathering jobs. I excel in using Tamiya acrylics and airbrushing EXCLUSIVELY. I use pastels once in a blue moon. Kinda messy and hard to control effect, I think. I mainly do military subjects. My prices are honest. If you provide kit, you just pay for labor and paint. If you don't have kit, I can get it for you at MSRP price with NO TAX and NO SHIPPING. Best of all, I personally deliver to anywhere in the 5 boroughs of New York City for a flat fee. Of course, I do SHIP WITHIN THE USA."

    --- Steadlace Starships. Dennis Lacey, of Blairsville, GA, says "I have been building sci-fi models for 45 years. I specialize in Star Trek models, large scale such as Deboer Hulls and Polar Lights/Round2. I am also extremely experienced in building all scale sizes of models. As far as airbrushing/aztecing and lighting, I am VERY meticulous. As far as the service of building models for others, I have yet to do that. But I have many pictures of my work and I have a large collection of models (large & small) that I have built for myself. I love doing modeling and therefore I put my best effort into anything I build. I have been told that I am a perfectionist which is a good trait to have when being in this business. One of my best friends used to work for ILM and he always told me I could get a job there anytime in the model building department but I did not want to relocate to California. If I am hired to to build a model, you can be assured of total 100% satisfaction."

    --- Donald Laface. Donald, of Cherry Hill, NJ, does not believe in spaces or capitalization. He says "BA/MA Fine artsadvertising art/comm.photog.self emp.had own studio.partner/employees,did miniatures as a sideline,prototypes,architectural/engineering,also model building,research extreme accurcy,all materials for collectors,prefference love to scratchbuild,currently make miniatures and packaging artwork,in semi-retirement,wiferunsebaybusiness selling our art 35+ yrs. experience."

    --- Robert LePine. Provides professional model building services His current contract is Shearwater Aviation Museum. He's been building models for the past 20 years, WWII single engine and Science Fiction models especially. You can see his work at his website.

    --- Ralph Levy. Ralph, of Runnemede, NJ, says "I build star ships and other si-fi modles with air brushing and custom lighting. My work as been posted on CultTVMan's web page. I can send you photos of my work!"

    --- Paul Lewis says, "I have been building models for thirty 30years. I also own one of the larger Sci-Fi model groups, the Star Trek Modelers Group. I'm a Air Force Vet who did structural maintenance (sheet metal ) on Jets. I really would love the opportunity to build for others. "

    --- Tyler Lindsay. Tyler, of Decaturville, TN has 12 years experience of model building, specializing in mostly star trek and star wars. I will build for a reasonable price, and I do high quality work. Please e-mail me for a quote."

    --- Phil Lister. Phil, of Knotts Island, NC says "I have 12 years experience in model building. I have gained considerable experience and am moderately experienced in kitbashing. I specialize mainly in Star Trek and Star Wars, but can do aircraft and cars/trucks. Just e-mail me to see some of my work. Will build for a reasonable price. "

    --- LiteFX Models. David, of Scotland (UK), offers "Sci-fi models, miniatures and props built to order. Internal lighting with exquisite realism is our speciality. Scratch built or from kits. Please note that international shipping is often not cost effective on complex builds. Visit the website here".

    --- David Litton. David, of Colorado Springs. CO, says "I am not a professional, but have been building for 10 years, and have all the tools and airbrush stuff needed for a good job."

    --- Ricardo Lombardi. Ricardo, of North Miami, FL says he has "experience in models for architecture and comercial movies ( in Argentina, where I am from ). I could be a great qualified assistant To work in a team who needs help. I can show some pictures of my work by e-mail. "

    --- David Loveday. David, of Montreal, Quebec in Canada says " I am a professional model builder, with over 30 years experience in model building, A model builder by profession, serving the motion picture industry. Portfolio pictures are available to those serious inquiries, or check out for my recent works. "

    --- Adam Lyons of Kettering, UK, says "I've been building models for job and hobby now for 13 years, my skills are of a professional and is very good with attention to detail, painting and weathering."

    --- Jacky Malins of Cambridgeshire, UK, says "I am relatively new to model building - and female! I enjoy building mostly fantasy and anime/manga figures in resin or vinyl. My figures are all hand-painted, and I have recently modified a Dark Elf figure (resin kit). I am dedicated to the hobby, and ready and willing to undertake a project for you. If you like my work and have a figure kit you'd like me to build and paint for you, please contact me via my website and we'll work something out. "

    --- Joe Mallen of Orlando, FL, says " I have been building models my whole life (40 yrs) and would be interested in building kits for others. I prefer any kind of Sci-Fi kits, but have done Military/Civilian Aircraft, Ships, Tanks, Cars, Universal Monsters etc."

    --- Chai Ye Man from New York, NY, says: "I'm proud to say I'm one of the Big Apple's finer modelers. Been doing commissioned builds since the early 90's. Quality airbrushed work/weathering AT COMPETITIVE PRICES. As long as jobs are STOCK-BUILDS, I'll do them for you regardless of subject and scale. However, anything RESIN is off limits- sorry!

    Multiple jobs get discounts too. 100% Payment is required BEFORE any work can start. Multiple forms of payment taken for your convenience. Hit me up and let's TALK.....shall we?


    --- Marcelo. Marcelo, from Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina says: "I make all my models from scratch, according to real measures, generally in a studio model size, with convincing weathering to make a model for a set. "

    --- Jonathon Marshall. Jonathon, of Marshall Custom Models says: "I have been building models since I was a kid. In the past few years my passions as turned from building normal models to building highly detailed models with whatever customized lighting you may request. I have built and lit models ranging from the Ecto 1 Ghostbusters car, the UFO from Garry Andersons UFO show, to the 1/350 scale Enterprise Refit. I am able to work with many different types of plastics, plaster, fiberglass and in some cases casted aluminum. I am able to construct high end stands made from various types of hard wood as well as forestry, sea floor, or desert scenes. You can see more of my work at my website. I have had a love of model building my whole life and my attention to detail I feel will speak for itself. Feel free to contact me for more details.


    --- Richard Marmo. Richard is a writer and professional builder from Fort Worth, Texas, with an extensive background in the hobby. He has a website with a portfolio here.

    --- D. Mason. Hailing from New Paltz, N.Y, Mr Mason says "I have been building models for almost 20 years now, sci-fi, anime, and fantasy mostly, much of it for games such as Warhammer, Warhammer40k, Battlefleet Gothic. I have built mechs, spacecraft, aliens, crew, spacestations, dragons, and small scale wargaming figures, using plastic, vinyl, resin, white metal, lead, pewter, sculpty, clay, cardboard, and paper. I also have experience scratchbuilting models."

    --- Matt. Matt, located on Yokosuka Naval Base, Japan, says "I've been building hundreds of kits now just over 15yrs. I have EVERYTHING to make a museum quality model. I've done mostly modern aircraft, some WWII, and my specialty naval ships. I have great sources as far as references go, and if I don't have the kit or specific decals, I know where to get them. I do modifications with photoetching and weathering, whatever you want. I just like to build! Let me know what you're thinking, and I'll get back with to you ASAP. Thanks!"

    --- Peter Matthews runs Probuilt SciFi based in the UK. He says, "We specialise in professionally built and lighted SciFi models covering many genres from classic Irwin Allen TV shows, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Star Wars, 2001, Alien and many others.

    We are happy to take on commissions and we ship world wide, offering a no hassle refund if your not totally happy with your ProBuilt Model. All our models are sent in special protective packaging, fully insured and with National and International postal tracking to your door. We have many testimonials from happy customers from all over the world. Check us out at our website."

    --- Dave McCoy. Dave, of Bloomingdale, NJ says "I grew up building the original Aurora monster and superhero kits, and became a professional illustrator. Throughout the 90's I built dozens and dozens of garage kits, vinyl and plastic kits based on Gerry Anderson shows, as well as MORE monsters and superheroes. I use traditional drybrush techniques, but have been known to airbrush if the model requires it. Other than my own work (for fun), I've restored several studio props of Space:1999 owned by a fan, that were damaged after a bad fall. Using only photos, I recreated the missing or crushed parts to restore the one-of-a-kind pieces."

    --- Micheal McDonald. Michael, of Arrington, TN says "I have built many kits for people. Great effects artist (weathering, damage, etc.), honest and I will do my best to build the greatest kit you can imagine. I also work well with specifics."

    --- Cameron McLeay. Cameron, of Vancouver Island, Canada says "I can build anything you can imagine: boats, planes, space ships, cars of any size with any power plant. I have a fully equipped shop for wood and metal and my prices are reasonable."

    --- Daniel B. McMillan. Daniel is a Professional TV & Film camera-ready miniature builder for hire. Completed Commissions can be seen at his Film-Miniatures page including a 2-foot diameter Invaders Flying Saucer TV show replica built on private commission, and the Dark Star-esque spaceship built for the award winning "Moonbabies - War on Sound" music video. Miniature lighting & motorization/RC control/Cooling/Cable Puppet articulation/Motion control rigged services also available. Tel. (225) 733-1759.

    --- Mark J. Mead. Mark, of Winter Springs, FL, says "I build architectural models and scale structure kits out of wood, plastic or foam core. I can build from your design drawings or a kit you have purchased. I have built for many model railroad clients and will work in HO or O scale. I also do architectural models in 1/8" and 1/4" scale. I do charge a fee for my service and it is based on a projects time and material. Email me with a request for structure photos and I will email pictures for your review".

    --- Pete Medellin. Pete, of San Antonio, TX says "I build spacecraft (fx & non fx) / airliners / ships-subs / aircraft and some scratch/partsbox-building. I was a contract builder for the former Thunderbolt Hobbies and my skills are more than adequate for 'modest fees'. I do not do any electronic work, resin or figures. References: Skip Harris, Bob Kelly, Steve Reyes, Richard Brock, contact info available upon request."

    --- Simon Mercs. Simon, from Daytona Beach, FL, says "I have worked as a prop artist in the Media Industry, Theater, Rock Shows, TV, and Movies. I have been an avid modeler for over thirty years. I specialize in Sci-Fi kits from the 50's era to the 90's. I have built hundreds of different kits. I have sold many of my kits to private collectors, and Sci-Fi fans. I produce airbrushed, and sometimes illuminated, model kits. My kits are much appreciated by those who have purchased them. I build them for a fee, and ship to 14 countries. My years as a prop artist and scenic designer/painter have boosted my modeling skills to a very nice level. I will gladly send pictures of some of the kits presently in production at my studio, "The Kit Factory". References are available on request.

    --- Robert Merrill. Robert, from Lakewood, CO, designs -- but doesn't print -- decals. He says "I've got 13 years of graphic arts experience behind me and am very good at creating new decals for custom or scratch built models, or re-creating older decals or those wonderful Bandai stickers. I've worked with several custom decal printers with great results. Contact me for pricing."

    --- George Messina. George, from Douglasville, GA, says "I have building models for 53 years old I started when I was 4 and I have been building models since it is my passion.The harder the model the better so if you want a model to be built I will be glad to build it for you. "

    --- Matt Meyer. Matt, from Stayton, OR, says "IPMS award winning builds. Projects from scratch or out of the box. Don't let all the sci-fi I do fool you, I also have a passion for military aircraft and armor. I have been kit building for 30 years and scratch building for 20. I also have a 12 year work history in industrial fabrication and prototyping that I have brought into my hobby. I offer complete or partial builds, small parts reproduction, concept and study models, prototypes, and patterns. Lathe and milling services available. " You can see examples of his work at his website.

    --- Miguel. Miguel, of Gilroy, CA, describes himself as "I am a hard worker, I'm a fast learner with ambition".

    --- Justin Miller. Justin, of Wichita, KS, says "Need a logo for your build up service, GK or casting company? I can create a logo, box art, decals, and instructions for your products. Past modeling clients have included Blap! Models, Cheetah Productions, Starship Modeler, the Colorado Modleing Militia Enjoying Sci Fi, SFMKD and the Delta Quadrant. Contact me for more info and prices".

    --- Phil Mills. Phil, of Tabuk, Saudi Arabia (Work) & Worksop , UK (home) says "I build real space subjects from either kits or scratch. I use the name Spacecraft and Rocket Models.No web site "yet".IPMS gold and Silver winner in UK international model show Nov 2005.Also made models for TV and Space Frontier Foundation conference Las Vegas 2005.Have clients in Spain and UK who I currently build for.Able to deliver 3 times a year from UK while on vacation but make the models at my work location in Saudi Arabia. This is no problem as it gives me approx 3 months to complete projects before next vacation.Models just completed this year :scratch built t/Space CEVs, CXV 1/100 & 1/48 scale, Revell ISS, Realspace CSM 1/48,New Ware Zond 1/48. Don't charge excessive rates. "

    --- Junior Miranda. Junior, of Friburgo in Brazil specializes in spacecrafts (real and sci-fi). His website.

    --- Model Kit of West Allis, WI bills iteself as "a full model kit and prop replica building service for both private collectors and business that are either looking for a studio grade model or a prop built to exact specifications to fulfill their needs. Studio replicas, movie miniatures, special event props, restorations, educational models and advertising photo shoot models are a few things that we specialize in. We can work within your budget and time frame to get you what you need. Pride, commitment, quality and the willingness to work with our clients to achieve their dreams, goals and ideas are what Model Kit strives for with every client and project".

    --- Montuori Models of Otego, NY. says "I have been modeling for over 40yrs. I specialize in Star Trek LED lighted with sound effects, I have been the top selling Star Trek modler on E-Bay for two years, with over 40 models and all great feedback, my packing skills are unmatched, all delivered in USA and Europe, I'm first contact 54 on E-Bay to check my feedback, I reciently took 6 lighted models to the Star Trek Convention in NJ and was praised, photographed by over 100 fans, I had all 6 models autographed and was told my models were the best they ever seen, I mount all my models on Cherry and Oak bases on either brass rods or flex rods to change the models flight, my prices are very fair for the work I do, many photos can be seen on facebook at Montuori Models, hopeing to hear from you, and thanks for time."

    --- Fred Moschiano. Fred, of Penn Yan, NY, says "I have been building starship models and other types for 30 yearsno resin kits.Also able to light models if need be" .

    --- Andy Moses. Andy, of Yorkshire in England has been constructing models for many years now, and enjoys all types of challenges - from starships to rally cars to a fully lit Titanic.

    --- Mark Myers. Mark says "I've been modeling for over 30 years. Examples of my work can be seen in Hobby Merchandiser Magazine (9/2008), Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeller volume 24, and at Irwin Allen News Network (IANN)."

    --- Stephen Negley. Stephen, of Denver, CO, says "I built my first models at age 8 and received my first airbrush at age 10 as a Christmas present from my father, A Binks Wren A, which I still use for all my modeling. I build exclusively aviation and real space subjects. I am also an aviation and space historian and build with an historical subject in mind. I have entered many regional IPMS sanctioned contests and won or placed in the category. I build basically out of the kit medium but I will do a lot of scratch-building to correct kit inaccuracies and or enhance the basic finished product of the kit. If you are interested in a real aviation or space subject, please contact me. Pictures of any of my work is available upon request. Also many of my subjects can be viewed at".

    --- Randy Neubert. Randy, of Belmont, CA, says: "I have been modeling for about 10 years. I specialize in Sci Fi vehicle build-ups along with special effects lighting for models and props.I have experience with model building,prop design,electronics and fiber optic lighting. I work full time at Lunar Models as a model maker and part time as a model designer and builder.I will scrach build master models and props for the right project." Randy's work can be seen on his website.

    --- Nate Nickels. Nate, of Troy, OH, says: "I wish to have a career in special effects for films. I have spent many years building all sorts of models. I am currently in school where Ii am taking multimedia. I have many skills releated to the special effects industry and always up to a challange and to learn. I have experience in tv production (which includes videographer, editor, graphics), 3d modeling,3d and 2 d animation, and many software programs. If you need a model built, painted, photographed, computer effects or a job offer contact me. You can see examples of my work at my current web site".

    --- Nick. Nick, of Birmingham, AL, says: "I can build basicly anything if you give me the materials to build it with. I build at home."

    --- Victor Niemer, of Cincinnati, OH, says "I build all types of models but mainly like building Star Trek ships. I have a Klingon D12 bird of prey modeled exactly like the one on the undiscovered country. It's highly detailed and took me 6 months to build. I took my time on it which made it a very classic build"

    --- Collin Oglestone. Collin, of Calgary, Alberta (Canada), says "I am a quality scratch model builder with a vast array of skills that can and will realize your models requirements with dynamicism and finesse. Clients have included the U.S.A.F, Oil Companies and various sports organizations, as well as private collectors. My work ranges from reality based pieces to the ultra-fantastic. "

    --- Jordan Olson. Jordan, of Brandon, Manitoba, Canada, says "I'm just starting up model building after a couple years of hiatus. I build Star Wars and Star Trek models as well as vaious prop replicas from scratch out of kitbashed materials that I've found in my travels, various bits of lumber, but mostly with carboard and a hot glue gun. I have a wide variety to choose from in terms of ships, shuttlecraft, fighters, tools, scanners and weapons, a full list is available to anyone who is interested. Just drop me a line and we'll go from there. I can't guarantee onehundred percent accuracy, but I will do my damndest to be as accurate as I can."

    --- Rob Olson. Rob, of Nainimo, BC, Canada says "I have experience building star trek starships and ww2 battleships. I mostly work on the Enterprise class ships. I also draw trek starships like the Arizona class and advanced Enterprise class /Vancouver class starships I build level 2-3 models. My friends can give you insight I built for them too."

    --- Dr. S.G.Oppenheimer Sr.. Dr Oppenheimer, of Reading, PA, says "I have a master's degree in Art and Industral sciences, and I worked for many "b" rated films since early 90's. I built prop's as well as real life concept craft (cars, boats, airplanes, heli's and bikes). I will work with you on what's really on your mind; from blueprints to the real working thing I can help ."

    --- BP. BP, of Lompoc, CA says "[I've] been working models (primarily spacecraft and aircraft- all eras) since age 7. Starting in '78, my work started to go very detailed. Slapping kits together was never my way- detailing, researching and implementing much scratch-built detailing (including CORRECTING of details) is part of the process. I have spent literally years working some projects due to on-going research and gathering of materials to work from or incorporate for detailing/authenticating. Being an engineer since 1981 on NASA spacecraft and interfacing with a variety of aircraft hasn't hurt either. If a person wants quality, super-detail or even moderate but accurate detailing, please contact me. If you are desiring a quick or rushed kit to be tossed together, please look elsewhere."

    --- George Parashis. George, of San Jose, CA, says "I will build your Guillow's kits for you. These kits have many little pieces which you may not have the time or patience for, but I do. I can build both flying and display versions (flying versions can't always be painted and must have some detail left off in order to add lightness). I build on a straight and sure building board. See for my Web site. I explain the various modeling I do there. I make CG models as well. "

    --- Jeff Pollizzotto. Jeff says "JP Modelworks grew out of an early passion for model building (I started at 2 1/2 years old carving out wood airplanes) and has become a model making company that combines classic model making techniques with new innovations that result in the highest quality models expertly constructed with great attention to detail, fit and finish.

    Schooled in Mechanical Design Technology at Wentworth Institute, Boston and Product Design at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, JP Modelworks is committed to providing museum quality models, prototypes and miniatures to the discerning client.

    Each model is a one of a kind unique work of art and crafted for the hobbyist or serious collector.

    My work has been published in Fine Scale Modeler, Fantasy Modeling, Cinemagic and Starlog Magazines. For further info, check out my website."

    --- Poppy. Poppy, of Lombard, IL says " I'm 43 years old and have been building models since I was 6. I have constructed many models from pics of possible star trek vessels. Will build any , prefer sci fi."

    --- Michael Provenzano. Michael, of Monroe NY, makes large scale, scratchbuilt models of Star Wars and other Science fiction subjects.

    --- jeff pyle. Jeff, of Burbank, CA, offers "offers realistic and artistic, custom, scratchbuilt scale models, sculpting, and miniatures for individuals, special displays, gifts, or photo reasons. 20 years in fx. Please only scratchbuilds". website"

    --- Maverick Roberts, currently living in Jamaica, says "I am seeking an opportunity in building model airplanes for other people, whether from kits or scratchbuilt. I have over thirty years' experience and do really great work. I am also into CNC cutting so I design, cut and assemble quite a few scratch built planes. "

    --- Tyler Robbins. Tyler, of Arkansas City, KS, says "I am a modeler of about 12 years' experience. I specialize mainly in military planes, tanks, and ships, as well as models of the Star Wars, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Battletech genres, though I have done some work in just about every area of modeling. I have lots of experience in lighting effects, such as blinking formation lights and the chaser lights on the fusion core of the Jupiter 2 from the original Lost in Space. I also do sculpting, though it is limited to medium and large objects, and scratchbuilding. I work for very little and can provide a lot of the supplies myself and I'm willing to restore objects as well. E-mail me for rates and availability, as well as examples of my work. I look forward to your business."

    --- Jay Randle. Jay, of Peterborough, England, says "I specialise in aircraft, science fiction, and wargames figure modelling. No job too big, or small! Please email me for examples of my work ".

    --- Craig Rawlinson. Craig, from Riverdale, NJ, says "I have been building models for some 30 years now. My fees are reasonable, usually no more than 50.00, depending on the job, but my rock bottom minumum is $40.00 I would send email of digital pics of my work and my Enterprise A is featured here in the Enterprises section of this sight. I can do custom work using upgrade decals, accurisation kits, conversions, ( like an all good things enterprise, or a Miranda class conversion) I will build anything but Sci-fi is my passion. I work with resin, styrene, and even vaccuform kits. I reasearch my build-ups well to insure accurate results. To check my business credentials, you can check out my auctions at ebay under the user name sircraig2002, I have 309, 100% positive . Thank you for looking at my resume".

    --- Ronald (Replicas Unlimited) Remitz. Ronald, from Detroit, MI, has xperience in model restoring, pattern making and and build-ups for twenty years. He says "I love a challenge of different model projects, from millitary to sci-fi."

    --- James Robinson. James is an IPMS member who has been building models for near 30 years. He calls Jackson, Mississippi home.

    --- Harry Rodriguez. Harry, of Poplar Grove ,IL, says "(I'm) proficient in accurate 1/24 scale cars and trucks , skill set includes excellent paint jobs as well as full engine and undercarrage detail, brake and fuel lines ect,fully detailed interiors as well as chopped and opening doors hoods and or trunks".

    --- Chris Ross. Chris says he has "been building since I was old enough to hold my own Exacto knife, so about 17years. I do Star Trek and Star Wars models, email me for quote and reference pics."

    --- John Michael Sagers, of Winter Springs, FL says: "Greetings to all interested in the art of FINE SCALE MODELING. I have built models all of my life and do so every day. Over the years I have come to specialize in German military armor and diorama building. If you have attended any of the fine scale model building contests in the Orlando / Central Florida area, then you have seen my work. If you seek professional custom work or would like to purchase a work that has already been completed, please contact me at (407) 696-4146 or by eMail".

    --- Carlos Santos, of West Palm Beach, FL says: "I build for free, but tips are appreciated. All you have to do is send the model, and the cost of the needed supplies and shipping back to you. I will do almost any kind of model, at almost any size, but I prefer to do kits that involve science fiction, like Gundam, Patlabor, Evangelion, Star Trek, Star Wars etc. I take pride in my work, and take the time to make a quality product. If I over-estimate the price of supplies I will return change with a receipt included".

    --- Gary O. Sanders, of Glendale, AZ, says "I am 55 going on 14 and have been building models from the age of about 7 years old. I now build large spacecraft,such as a battle cruser, 38"x29"x14". My construction materials are just about any thing laying around. Many tell me they appear to be moving or look real. I am a custom painter or trick which ever you prefer. I am a perfectionist. I have worked for 40 years in the automotive indrustry. I have been self-employed since 1974 and in many areas.I can fax or snail-mail photos of my work. And by the way, I would love to build a model, yours or mine."

    --- Edison Scrima, of Sao Paulo, Brazil, says "I am Brasilian modelmaker. Is my job. In Brasil, I am working for my friends and building kits for my friends TREKKERS. I build SCI FI kits ".

    --- John Shum, of Malaysia, builds mostly 1/35 WW2 AFVs and 1/48 WW2 fighter/ bombers. He was First Runner-Up ( Revell National Modelling Contest, AFV Category ) and has been modelling since 10. He says " I have 100% positive feedback from customer on Ebay since I have been selling my models there for past 2 years. Being based in Malaysia you can expect reasonable modelling fees..."

    --- Andrew 'Skip' Skupinski. Andrew, of Minehead, Somerset, England. UK says "I've been building models now for 17 years. I only focus on Sci-fi, such as Star Wars, Trek, BSG, SG1 etc,. Star Wars is my preference as there's so many ships to choose from. I've been scratchbuilding for over a year, I use a variety of reference like official plans/blueprints or my own plans if I can't obtain official plans off the net. I use highly accurate computer models/meshes to create detailed 5 view plans of the subject. As well as these plans I use reference photos of actual models used in the movies, and also I possess a large collection of books such as the Star Wars "Incredible Cross Sections" books, Star Trek Technical Manuals etc,.

    I prefer larger scale builds as they are easier to work on and more accurate detail can be applied, not just that but they do make better display pieces right? When you first contact me, let me know what you want built and the scale or size(length) you want the model to be. This will enable me to better consider the job and give a more accurate quote on cost when I reply to you.

    So, If you're looking for one of a kind display model send me an email. What are you waiting for?

    Note: I have a number of uncomplete builds from previous projects that went sour. One is a 3' USS Sulaco from the Aliens film, if you're interested in having this completed for yourself let me know.

    --- E. James Small, of Nova Scotia, Canada is a professional model maker. You can see his work at

    --- Jay Smith, of Liverpool, UK, says: "I've been building models for the past sixteen years, mainly concentrating on Star Wars and Star Trek. The majority of models I've made are in 1/1400 scale and these have ranged from stock kits, kitbashed and scratchbuilt models. If there's a particular model you want but cant find it anywhere send me an E-mail and hopefully I will be able to create something for you. If you want to see a sample of my work, just ask and I'll send you some pictures. "

    --- Chris Smith. Chris, from Scotland, UK, says "I am a professional Model Maker with over 7 years experience creating props, exhibtition, architectural and display models. I can create any and/or build and finish any model or item you want to your exact specifications. I can ship to anywhere in the world and provide pictures of some of my work on request."

    --- Steve Smith. Steve, of Newton, IA says he has "been a professional model builder for 20 years. During that time worked as a build up artistfor Mike Evans at Lunar Models. Offer musuem quality at reasonable prices and fast turn around. Experience in styrene, resin and vacuum formed kits. Figure kits are done using oils for extra depth and character. Contact me today for your model building needs".

    --- Walter J Smith Sr.. Walter, of Forty-Fort, PA says " I have been building models for many years. I build models from kits, specializing primarily in Star Trek Model Kits. I have also constructed a wide array of military models from naval warships to fighters and bombers to armored vehicles.

    I construct models as either "kit/box built" or basic, out of the box or "premium" which includes putty work, sanding and extreme detail down to the tiniest feature. These models I strive to complete with the highest level of authenticity. However I also construct and finish models to exact customer specifications when desired. The customer supplies the kit or I can procure the kit for them. I can even add interior lighting to many models! It's up to the customer.

    Check out Smitty's Models for all your model building needs".

    --- Scott Spicer. Scott, of Philadelphia, PA, says: "I have over twenty years experience of professional sculpting and model making. I have created masters for large collectible companies as well as smaller on-line entities. The subject matter included: Star Trek, Star Wars, L.I.S., and Mecha. If it needs to be made for display or production, I can make it. I have never kit-bashed for my models, but I can if it is requested. References: Federation Models, TimeSlip Creations & the Starship Modeler "Logo Ship". Other references supplied upon request. " You can see Scott's work at his website.

    --- Jeff Spickler, of Kent, WA, says: "I currently do custom jobs for those who like their Star Trek models to look like precisely like they look on the shows."

    --- Andrew Stanicek, of Hagerstown, MD, says: "Wouldn't it be great if you could show off your latest project with those who can't see it in person? Wouldn't it be awesome to see your model in a way that makes it look more like the REAL Thing than a Toy? Utilizing the latest digital technologies, and several of the same techniques that movie miniature cinematographers have been using for years, I can turn your fantasy into reality! Check out my website for some samples of my award-winning work, and see how to add some impact to your model photographs!

    My awards include: Maryland Professional Photographers Association recipient of the Commercial Photographer of the Year, Digital Imaging Photographer of the Year, Fellow of Photography degree, Fuji Masterpiece Award and Kodak Gallery Award. IPMS -- Master Modeler certificate - Sci-Fi category, 3rd place Sci-Fi 2002 Region 2 Convention, Best of Show award 2004 local contest, and several 1st place ribbons over the past few years."

    --- Statueworks. Statueworks, of Knoxville, TN, says: "Resin and vinyl model kits welcome! Began kitbuilding in the early 90's - we specialize in monsters and superheroes. Please visit our website."

    --- David Steinback, of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, says "I am an engineering technologist. As a pilot, have built my own aircraft (Dragonfly), my business has been design & mfg automated machinery & moulding with a variety of materials, fibre glass, carbon fibre, kevlar, urethane & silicons. I operate a small machine shop & CNC routering service. I do work for a number of sign manufacturers and specialty equipment firms in Canada, USA & Switzerland.

    I am semi-retired and LOVE to BUILD STUFF, have high & low tech equipment to support that. I have been a machinist, welder, carpenter and painter to earn my way to my Engineering Technology credentials.

    My best reference is that I have been self employed for the past 15 years. I sold my moulding business 2 yrs ago to a company near New York city. My business supplied machinery and parts to ALL of the automotive companies in north america + testing equipment and moulded seals for many commomly known consumer products. (ei. Folgers Coffee, Fram Filters, Dana & Delphi) I'm a little bored in retirement. "

    James and Deborah Stephenson . James, of Cedar Creek, MO, says: "My wife and I have been sculptor/ model-makers for about 20 years, and operate a small studio (where we specialize primarily - but not exclusively - in wildlife sculpture and natural history exhibits).

    We have created works for the Smithsonian Institute and the Chicago Field Museum among others, and are capable of producing ultra-realistic works in a variety of materials and in sizes ranging from very small (1:48 scale, and occassionally, smaller) to much larger than life-size. Among our projects have been reproductions of extinct animals, fossils and bones for museums and universities around this country and in Germany, Japan, Egypt and Wales; photo-realistic life-size models of trees and other plants; huge ferro-cement rockworks for zoos, museums and parks; the complete refurbishing of a 20' model of the great white shark used in the movie 'Jaws' (we made a complete set of new 'dentures' for him) etc.

    I also worked on the creation of the Jurassic Park portions of Disney World in Orlando; & made all artistic repairs to Dinamation's life-sized dinosaur exhibit while it was on display at the Univ. of Arkansas museum. My own 1:16 sculpted recreation of the dinosaur Arkansaurus fridayi (on display in that same museum) was critiqued by famed dinosaur expert & Paleontologist, Dr. John Horner - the consultant to the Jurassic Park movies. (He pronounced my model 'excellent', saying it was better than anything his own staff of artist/model-makers had produced.)

    Our interests in, and association with, the natural world allow us to produce art works that are both aesthetically pleasing and technically accurate. Our work has not been exclusively natural history oriented however.

    We have also created portrait busts; rendered some rather fantastic creations (from icebergs to sea monsters and mermaids) for miniature golf courses or live theatre; produced a complete set of 1:144 scale buildings of historically important southern mansions; and created sport and charity awards for various institutions - including the large bronze "Razorback Foundation" award that is given to an exemplary supporter of the University of Arkansas razorback football team each year.

    In addition to creating original artworks, my wife and I are extremely experienced at molding/ casting, having worked in that area for more than 15 years. We are able to make molds or castings in a wide variety of materials - polymers, plaster, metal, glass, and so forth. Small figures and accessories are well within our capabilities as experienced model-makers.

    The same abilities that allow us to create photo-realistic replicas of plants and animals translate as well to people and things. We are extremely concerned with correctness in anatomy, for instance (something we find sorely lacking in the majority of model work in small scale - particularly 1:6 and smaller) and are real sticklers for accuracy and detail in all things. We can assure quality in everything we create.

    [Note: Some of the architectural models and awards we have done included scale replicas of real buildings with accurately sized brick and board work; doors & window moldings, landscaping, and so forth. A keen hobbyist's interest in scale train dioramas, and "scratch" building of scale museum exhibits preliminary to creating life-sized replicas, have helped us to fine tune our model-making capabilities over nearly two decades.]

    And, because at this point you are probably wondering... we work very inexpensively. Just ask for a quote.

    --- Patrick Stone, of Middleboro, MA, has been a life long model builder, constructing many military, aviation and car kits. He currently wishes to build Star Trek-related kits or kitbashes.

    --- Brian Stover, of Cheboygan, MI, says "We are a professional custom model building and restoration service for collectors specializing in Sci-Fi TV/Movie related models, Fantasy Kits, Vintage Figure Kits and Custom Dioramas. With over 30 years of model building experience, we look forward to providing you with the finest quality Injection Molded, Vacuformed, Resin & Vinyl Build-Ups, Custom Dioramas, Metal Figures, Conversions, Kitbashing, Custom Lighting Effects, Upgrades, Scratchbuilding, Restorations and MORE! We will build YOUR kits to YOUR specifications. Check us out at our website for more info ".

    --- Bob Sylvia, of North Branford, CT, specializes in in sci-fi but can do anything. See his work at

    --- Bruce Teal. Bruce, of Richmond, VA, says "I have many years of experience in miniature design and construction including fullsize prop creation and military training aids. I can create from either kits or in-house fabrication. My work has been featured in Finescale Modeler Magazine, Greatscale, Boresight(cover), and many other publications. Samples of my work can be viewed at my website".

    --- Tenacontrols of Milford, MA, says "We are very good at building up models to have internal and external lights and controls. We design and manufacture our own, so what ever you may want we could do it. We will match the colors to the actual movie or show. Check out some pics of our work here".

    --- Tony. Tony, of New Jersey, says "I posess a great passion for building and painting model kits for folks who neither have the time or perhaps believe they do not have enough skills to create that special model. I will work with you on achieving your dream. Weather you have a brand new kit straight from the box or one that you have started on, or one you do not own yet and would like to get. My current on line build of the Polar Lights refit can be viewed by going to my PhotoBucket site. Pictures can also be sent upon request. Hope to hear from you."

    --- Robin Trap. Robin, of Den Helder, The Netherlands, says "I have been building plastic models for over 15 years. I mainly build aircraft models in 1/48 scale and I also build figures and sci fi models. Since a few years I'm also active in rocketry (mid- and highpower rockets). So you can ask me what you want, a nicely detailed static model or a nicely detailed rocket propelled flying model. If you want to see some of my models and activities, have a look at my site".

    --- The Trekmodeler. The Trekmodeler, of Kissimmee, Fl, says "I have been a model builder my for much of my life, Although I specialize in Star Trek Models, I can build pretty much ANY model of any genre. I can customize and pretty much light up any given injection or just plain hollow kit. I can also accurately and neatly paint solid models. I also charge VERY VERY low prices. Just ask. Stop by my website".

    --- Triper. Triper, of Toronto, Ontario, says "Creating models of many types has been a joy of mine since childhood. Starship models.and vehicles would have to be among my favorites to build. I am 38 years old,so there is a few years of knowledge to go with my experience. Prices are negotiable.If you are interested please send me an email.".

    --- George Venturini. George, of Carlstadt, NJ, is a professional model maker who can build just about anything you need to museum quality standards.

    --- Sanjay Verma. Sanjay, of Aligarh - U.P. (INDIA), says "I am a model maker.. and can make any type scale model. right now u can see my Atlantis space model at this link".

    --- Keith Vincent. Keith, of Auckland, New Zealand says "I mainly build warhammer 40k and I have my own army including a Leviathan Titan, all of which I've built and painted myself. I've also built Warhammer fantasy and love doing it. Thanks and hopefully Ican join your team. "

    --- Andy 'Bad Andy' Wacht. Andy, of White Plains, NY, says "I have been building models since I was a wee little tike. My specialty lies in mecha models. I have always had a love and fascination with giant robots. I have just launched a new site, "" , in which you can see a gallery of my works. So please, take a look. If you like what you see, please feel free to contact me."

    --- Geoffrey Webster. Geoffrey, of Acworth, GA, says "I am a career model maker with over 7 years experience in the architectural model making field. I normaly do original sci-fi sculpts and builds and will maintain correspondance to work through the design process with you. From ideation to the end product. Look for my name in the site list for examples. "

    --- Ben Wilcox. Ben, of Willits, CA, says "I have 4 years experience building Star Trek models and dioramas of varied scale. Please email for pictures!"

    --- Allaine E Williams. Allaine, of Whitewater, WI, says "I have been building for fifty three years. I've built almost anything you can imagine. I've built Z-scale trains right up to large sailing ships.I work mostly in plastic, but I have also worked in wood and metal as well. Unfortunately, I can give you no references. Not a single hobby shop that I have worked for is still in business. A sad situation, but all too common. "

    --- Alfred Wong. Alfred, of Toronto, Canada, says "I am a very experienced modeler and illustrator with years of experience in mastering kits for SMT Models and others. Diverse skills include scratchbuilding, sculpting, expert paint work. Fast and efficient builds of virtually any subject, kit or scratch." Check out examples of Alfred's work at his website.

    --- Mike Wood, of St. Louis, MI (yes Michigan) is an accomplished professional modeler/scratchbuilder. He mostly builds aircraft--but has a real interest in space and science fiction. One of his more impressive models was a scratchbuilt 1/48 Mir space station. Mike has a portfolio of models he has built. If interested, contact Brian Francis in Midland for info on how to contact Mike directly for samples/quotes, etc for having a model built.

    --- Robert Young, of Bartlesville, OK, says "I have built models my whole life: Military, cars, boats and planes. strive for realism an authentic details. I can weather, sand body work, tape, spray, make explosions and dioramas. I would like to build for others and will work with you to make what you want."

    Please direct comments, questions, corrections and picked nits to John at

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