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First Look: Revell Millenium Falcon

By Terry Burke - images & text © 2006

I found this kit in a shop here in Dublin last week (14th Sept. 2006) and thought the box art made it look a little LEGO-like or like the one produced by Puzzle 3D some years ago. I had to ask the shop assistant if I could view the parts; WOW OH, WOW, I was really surprised to be seeing what was in front of me. It did not in the least look toy-like, it was not white, and it was weathered. The box said 47 parts, I think, which includes two figures (Han Solo and Chewbacca). All very cool.

[Please click to enlarge]

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^ The kit is pre-finished.

Image: Main hull top

Image: Main hull underneath

Image: Sidewalls and landing gear

Image: More sidewalls

Image: Cockpit parts

Image: Han and Chewie

Image: Could use a dip in future to make more clear ...

Image: Detail painting, underneath

Image: Main drive

Image: Detail painting, topside

Image: The 'weathering' is nicely done

Image: Above, from behind

Image: A closer look at the 'weathering'

Image: 'Blast' damage

Image: Weathered docking port

Image: Beauty shot, fully weathered

I decided that I needed this, forget wanting it.

I then decided I was going to try to get this finished in a big one-day sitting. When starting, I decided that the colour would have to be brightened up a bit, and it was definitely time to dust off the superb shots on the Starship Modeler site. I started with some Vallejo light greys and got a good drybrushing in before some light coloured chipping. This was followed by some dark streaking with a dark grey, not black (too harsh). This was followed by some very dilute dark brown washes.

The assembly took a few pleasurable hours, and everything fit perfectlythe first time. Due to the fact I'm involved in other modeling commitments the Falcon will have to wait for filtering and pin washing.

I want to add this and make it a very important point: THIS IS NOT THE FINEMOLDS KIT. It is not as detailed and may have minor detail problems. Not that I care because I like it. For the price it is an excellent representation and excellent value for money.


I recently got the chance to finish this kit, it did not take too long, about 25 hours extra finishing. I started the process by airbrushing some humbrol matt 49 (clear). After this dried I started the final weathering. For this I used Mig Pigments and pastel chalks. I found these more subtle for the streaking than paint. I also used these for the laser blasts on the upper hull, when this was finished another coat of humbrol matt49 was applied and a final drybrushing was done to try and tie all the painting together. Finally some pipes etc, were picked out and pianted in primer reds and dark greys.

Editor's Note: This kit, and the rest of Revell's Star Wars line, is only sold in Europe. Starship Modeler is currently importing these models.

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