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Robby Replacement Legs

By Bob Kensinger - images & text © 2007

Scale: 1/10
Parts: 1 Resin
Instructions: Generic resin tips
Decals: N/A
Molding Quality: 8 - lots of bubbles to work on
Detail: 9 - good and sharp
Accuracy: 9 - It's right on with the PL Legs
MSRP: $14.95 USD (~$17.29 CAN/ 11.18 EUR) from Jimmy Flintstone, purchased from CultTVman
Overall Rating: 9 - replaces the PL legs with ease

Robby the Robot is almost always viewed as one of THE classic robots. Just the name conjures up images of an unconscious space babe draped across the arms of this metallic icon.

[What you get]

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^ Comparison with the kit's legs

Image: Another look

Image: Stamp

Image: Fir is good

Image: Won't work with the kit's base though

Polar Lights did a pretty good job with their Robby kit, but for those looking to spice it up a bit or even recreate the famous poster art, you're in luck...kinda. Nick DeAngelo did an excellent customization found in the pages of Amazing Figure Modeler #19. A lot of work involved and now thanks to Jimmy Flintstone you can have similar results with much less work!

What You Get

One piece assembly of resin legs. Casting is good, but there are a lot of tiny bubbles to deal with. Nothing that affects detail, but they add more time to cleaning. One neat part is a "touchmark" in the top in the casting. This would not make recasting impossible, but it would make it harder. This design detail would get very soft if recast, so a nice touch there to insure it's an original piece.


Simply saw the pour stubs off, sand and fill casting bubbles. Pretty straight forward work. There are tabs along the top that seem to be in line with the Polar Lights kit body. Of course you can remove them, but I like having the choice available. This leg set makes the PL kit base pretty much useless (not much of a loss in my opinion) and you will have to go with a custom base.


As accurate as the Polar Lights kit. It's pretty much the same legs only in an open stance.


Very nicely done and a good alternative to the PL kit legs. Gives the model more motion and captures the classic poster look. The legs will provide a good solid anchor for the base and if you plan on adding Altaira this will help quite a bit.

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