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Scale: 1/10
Parts: 2 Resin
Instructions: Generic resin tips
Decals: N/A
Molding Quality: 7 - good, but some seams and pour stubs interfere with detail
Detail: 9 - good and sharp
Accuracy: 5 - for poster/ 8 for Anne Francis
MSRP: $24.95 USD (~$28.93 CAN/ 18.71 EUR) from Jimmy Flintstone, purchased from CultTVman
Overall Rating: 9 - It's not the "space babe" from the poster, but it's still a very "attractive" addition

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Back again to the original poster: the long haired blonde in a golden mini dress.

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^ What you get

Image: Needs a bit of clean up

Image: Likeness to Anne Francis is pretty good

Image: Generic instuctions

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^ Fit is good enough with all stock kit parts

Image: Fit with the Flintstone aftermarket resin legs

Image: Poster art

Image: On the cover of a mgazine....

Well, this time you have Altaira, Morbius's daughter (played by Anne Francis). Not exactly the girl on the poster, but hey, we got us a girl!

What You Get

The kit consists of 2 resin pieces: Altaira's body and one arm. I actually would have preferred to have a few more parts to break up the cast a bit since the seam line does run through some details such as the hair. For some modelers this could be a tad more difficult cleaning up and recreating the hair details sanded away. Overall, not too bad, but most figure models come in more parts.

NOTE: Not to slip into prude mode, but I would rate this kit as PG-13 mainly for the very well sculpted tight underwear peeking out (not the underwear itself, but the anatomically correct, er, snugness). This may be something to note if you don't care for that much detail or have an environment where it may not be appropriate. It's easily fixed or overlooked, but I felt it should be mentioned as this may bother some people.


Attach her arm to her shoulder and that's about it. General clean up and seam filling. No instructions needed, but there is a small sheet included with generic tips on working with resin (as well as photo etch, pewter and vacuum formed parts...I did say it was generic).


Well, for the poster, it's not the same girl and therefore not at all accurate. Gave it a 5 for being female. As far as Altaira being the girl in Robby's arms, again, not accurate. The big HOWEVER is that it does represent a character from the film and as far as that goes, she looks fantastic. I've seen finished examples that are just beyond gorgeous.


A good addition that most people would get to make a more classic "pulp" Robby. Accuracy aside, it really is a fun kit and makes for a great display. The only thing that would have made this kit better is some resin hands for Robby in a holding pose. It would make the project easier than altering the Polar Lights hands. She will sit well with the hands right out of the box and it's pretty much the builder's call, but extra hands would have been welcomed.

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