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By Marco Scheloske - images & text © 2002, 2004

Stargate Event Horizon

The zip file contains 2 versions of artwork representing the stargate event horizon, for use inside the stargate base that comes with the old MRC Anubis and Ra kits. The file "Hor_TV" is the one I used for my Stargate model (see the Reader's Gallery), and represents the look in the TV-series. The file "Hor-Movi" is the CGI from the original movie for those who wants to build the movie-version of the Stargate.

Click here to download - 1.3 MB zip file

V.I.N.CENT Replacement Decals

This file contains two decals (in one JPG file) for the front of the MPC V.I.N.CENT model from Disney`s "The Black Hole". One is a replacement-decal for the chest monitor (which is unbelievable awful on the decal sheet of the model). The other is the row of lights underneath the monitor together with a small red area. The decals are made to fit the model without triming.

Click here to download - 446 kB (CMYK) JPEG file
Click here to download - 446 kB (RGB) JPEG file

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