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Star Wars® Hardware Reference - Part III

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Slave I gettin', while the gettin's good. Han almost got some, but now he's an icicle.

Image 1: A clear side view of the ship, showing the excellent weathering and paint chipping applied to this model.

Image 2: A "front" view of the ship. Because of the way the model was displayed, these two images were the only two real clear shots one could get of the model.

Image 3: Same view as image 1, but not as dark.

Image 4: Starboard side, showing weathering to good effect.

Star Wars made an impression on a number of levels, with excruciatingly unique ship design being among them. Along with the B-Wing and Medical Frigate, bounty hunter Boba Fett's Slave I was among the more striking. Looking like a dust buster or lint brush, this ship houses its engines in its base. While flying at full power, the ship looks like it's standing on end. Quite odd. AMT/ERTL's kit of this craft is one of the more accurate in the original Star Wars line.

This was one of the more masterfully finished kits of the exhibit. The model is about 18" and features some outstanding weathering. Unfortunately because of where and how this kit was displayed, we were only able to get one quality image. It's too bad, since the quality of the model demands a more comprehensive treatment.


Tatooine, here we come!

Image 1: Looking at one side of the Escape Pod.

Image 2: Looking at the other side.

Image 3: Another side view.

While it only appears briefly in the first film, the Escape Pod used by the two droids in the first film has a place in the Star Wars vehicular hardware pantheon. This model is a little over a foot long. As with most models in the exhibit, it was in excellent condition and shows the exception care and craftsmanship that went into the original movie's models.



Image 1: Underneath, from the right/rear

Image 2: Underneath, up front

Image 3: Another look

Image 4: Underneath, center mass

Image 5: Shiny

Image 6: Left/rear view, from below

Image 7: Closer look

Image 8: Under the left engine pod

Image 9: Close-up of the exhaust

Image 10: Underneath, left side

Image 11: Center section

Image 12: Inboard side, under the right engine pod

Image 13: Right/rear view

Image 14: Closer

Image 15: Closer still

Image 16: Right side of cockpit

Image 17: Right engine pod

Image 18: Right/front view

Image 19: Another look

Image 20: Looking down the intake

The Naboo are an old race, much enamored of art and elegance. Their cities, clothing and especially space craft reflect this. The Naboo Starfighter, their most well known starship, is a sleek, slippery, retro-looking design. The N-1 exemplifies the blending of art and function embedded in Naboo technology. It carries a single pilot, assisted by an astromech droid, and is armed with twin blaster cannon and twin torpedo launchers. The chrome plating is purely decorative and symbolizes it's Royal assosiation.

Episode 1 designers had a real challenge. The film is set 30 years before the "original" trilogy, so while their ships needed to look futuristic, they also needed to look as if they pre-dated the familiar X-Wings and TIE/Fighters. Their solution was to adapt the style of the 1930's - 1950's, using smooth lines and flowing shapes.

The full scale mockup used in Episode 1 was 34 feet long, 22 feet wide and 5 feet tall (from the top of R2-D2's "head"). Many thanks to Rick Salemi for the images, which were taken at Boston's Museum of Science in September, 2004.

Image 21: Head-on

Image 22: The topside chrome appears matte

Image 23: Left/front view

Image 24: Looking down the blaster cutout

Image 25: Left engine intake, wing

Image 26: Left/front

Image 27: Cockpit area, left side

Image 28: Again, with flash. Note markings

Image 29: Same area, from behind


Image 1: The Tatooine sand skiff used to transport Jaba's prisoners.

Image 2: Larger, clearer image

Image 3: Viewed from the top/right

Image 4: The training remote that gave Luke so much trouble initially.

Image 5: Another training remote.

Image 6: Anakin's Pod Racer.

Image 7: A look inside the cockpit of Anakin's Pod Racer.

Image 8: Anakin's Pod's engines.

Image 9: Boba Fett's armor.

Chicago Museum of Science & Industry, October 2007

Image: Trade Fed Tank, right/front view

Image: Main gun

Image: Underneath

Image: Rear view

Our listing only scratches the surface of the many vehicles and vessels seen in the four films. Here are a few more for which we have only one or two images. If you visit the show, and have more photos or details not seen here, please contact us - we're always looking to expand this section.

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