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Your Two Cents: Jedi Starfighter

The following are reader's opinions of the Jedi Starfighter made by Fine Molds.

Reviewer   Jim James
Date Reviewed   Nov 4, 2002
Overall Rating       Good kit, but with some problems.
Comments My first review was based on an in-box and partial assembly experience. Now that I've finished my Jedi Starfighter I can safely lower my rating to four stars.

The molding is superb but there are several small bits that need not have been molded that way. This kit is too small for micro-parts. I had a little trouble lining up the engine pods to the circular wing - something I could have avoided if I read Japanese.

There are too many decals! Several decals are made up of two or three pieces where one would have been fine - particularly the wrap around type. Finemolds often creates a top panel, lower panel and edge decals where one decal would have done a better job. The top and bottom of the Starfighter itself is a jigsaw puzzle of decals. Why? Slight misalignment creates white spaces.

I also had about 20 decals left over - mainly duplicates but some that are not included on the instructions. Some like edge decals were better painted.

The kit makes a nice model but the builder is handicapped if he/she can't read Japanese!

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