Vince Hoffman's Anti-Armor SAFS Gallery Piece

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Anti-Armor SAFS

By Vince Hoffman

SAFS beauty shot


This anti-armor model of the Super Armored Fighting Suit was modified as a response to the Shutoral Force fielding large numbers of drone tanks such as the Krote. To offset the thicker armor, higher speed, and deadly cannon of the Krote, the Anti-Armor SAFS had the hand manipulator replaced by a medium power laser cannon to compliment the high power laser already installed, as well as a dual missile turret attached to the right side stereoscopic periscope mount, while the left periscope mount was left alone. Advanced targeting and sensor equipment was installed to aid in tracking and offset the loss of visual sight quality.

This model was built in 1989 when the SF3D kit line was in full swing. Several access panels were opened and detailed on the interior. The test stand and cart was scratchbuilt and hooked up to one of the open panels. The missile rack was kitbashed using the missiles and rack from a Hind helicopter, with a scratchbuilt turret and actuation cylinder. The interior contains several added view screens and panels.

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