Commonly Asked Questions

Where can I get the models I see on your site?

Many of the kits can be found in your local hobby shop or discount retailer (Toys'R'Us, Walmart, etc.). On-line hobby shops also carry many of the kits shown on Starship Modeler. Some of the smaller run 'garage kits' are only available direct from the manufacturer. Check in our WHERE TO BUY STUFF section for a list of hobby shop and manufacturer sources.

I can't find (a kit, a part, etc) anywhere. Do you know where I can buy one?

Many of the kits can be found in your local discount retailer (Toys'R'Us, Walmart, etc.) or hobby shop. For things you can't find, we have a whole section listing kit manufacturers, hobby dealers, aftermarket parts, electronics and where you can buy them. See our WHERE TO BUY STUFF section for all the info you need.

I am looking for (x). Can you please send me a catalog?

Starship Modeler does not buy or sell models. We have no catalog - we are an on-line magazine, not a retailer. Retailers and manufacturers you can contact for catalogs and such are found in our WHERE TO BUY STUFF section.

How come (starship X) is not on your scale list?

The scale lists contain only those models that are still in production and readily available. A manufacturer may take a kit out of production, but it may still be on shelves for many months after (but once it's gone, it's gone!). There have simply been too many kits made over the last few decades to keep track of those that were available briefly, and now are gone - or those that command huge prices from collectors.

I'd like to submit something to your site. How do I do that? What do I need to know?

Our submission guidelines spell it all out. Go here to read them. If you have further questions, send us an e-mail.

How come the update didn't happen when it was scheduled to?

Fire, floods, plagues of locusts ....

Sometimes things happen and the updates don't occur on schedule. We'll post a notice on the What's New Here page if we know in advance that we'll miss an update.

When are you going to update (x) section?

We update reference sections and on-going articles (such as the AoG Babylon 5 miniatures guide) when we have new material. Since we depend on you, the reader, for much of this material .... well, we'll update sections when readers give us new material to add.

Can I link to your site from mine?

Please do! We have a page full of graphic buttons you can use for just this purpose - go here to see them, and feel free to use what you like.

Will you consider adding a link to my site?

Yes. We will consider it. Send us your URL and we'll take a look.

You can submit your site for inclusion in our links page by using the "Add-a-Link" form. The best of these will also be displayed on our main genre pages.

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