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Scratchbuilt Starfury

Top View
Top View.

Way back at the end of Babylon 5's first season, John Hayes decided to scratchbuild a Starfury, based on drawings and sketches he did from video tape. He made a few copies - including decal sheets - one of which made it into the hands of Allen Hastings (a Lightwave 3D programer). Another reportedly ended up with someone in the show's props department, and John was later told it was used as a prop in the Season 2 episode with the giftshop on the station. A built-up model is on display in San Francisco at a hobby shop called NewType Hobbies.

John's also made plans to do a Narn fighter, and (with the help of a buddy) completed a model of the Pirate raider (as it was easy to do and only took about 1 week of spare time). More of his work can be seen at his website.

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front view
Front View.
Parts Made.
Side View
Side View.

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