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Orion Clipper Paint Guide

By Kevin Foss - color chart & text © 2011

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I spent a long time looking at all of the images I could find of the Orion Space Clipper from 2001. What I found was that there are only a couple of actual panel lines. Most of the paneling is done with differences in paint color. I noticed four main colors: near white, pale warm grey, pale bluish grey and a light neutral grey. There were a couple of panels that looked like they were slightly darker versions of one or another of the colors, but I figure limiting it to four would be close enough.

I also looked at the raised details found on the filming model. These are almost all very thin, and look like they would best be done as tape to be in scale with the Moebius kit.

I color-coded the different areas to show up better, so the shades don't represent the actual color, just where they are. The underside is largely conjecture, I've only seen two shots of the underside, and they're poorly lit and small.

clipperport (128K)

colourclipper (136K)

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