John Bucsek builds the Glencoe 1/72 Retreiver Rocket.

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JBuilding the Glencoe 1/72 Retreiver Rocket

By John Bucsek - images & text © 2000

Scale: 1/72 - about 10"/25cm long when complete
Parts: 26 - clear and white injection-molded styrene
Instructions: 4 page pamphlet
Decals: Waterslide, by Scale Master. Markings for several hypothetical ships
Molding Quality: 7. Most of the parts fit well. Some flashing. The support struts may be a little long.
Detail: 7
Accuracy: ? Who's to say? Since it's supposed to be a conversion of a winged shuttle (1950's style) I would say it is convincing.
Fit: 8
Ease: 4. This can be a 30 minute kit with no care taken for fit or detail, Or a good kit for an afternoon or weekend with time taken for proper painting and fitting of parts.
MSRP: $12.00 , available from hobby shops throughout the US.
Overall Rating: 8. A good kit. Well worth the money paid. Plenty of room to work with for further detailing or conversion work.

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I was happy with the kit. I resisted buying this one for a while since it is only a model of a space tug. But then, kits of work vehicles have possibilities.

Molding was OK, considering the age of the kit. There's some flashing and the support struts may be a little long. There's not a lot of detail, again no doubt due to the age of the kit. There are no panel lines. The track for radar and lines on the probe are clear. One figure is provided for the bottle suit which docks underneath the ship. There are no cockpit or other interior details.



^ Two views of the completed model
Instructions consist of a 4 page pamphlet. The first page is a good background on the origin of the design. The second and thrird pages contain easy-to-follow directions and a suggested paint scheme. The last page is an advertisement. Decals are by Scale Master, and consist of one sheet with extra numbers and letters (1,2,3 and ABCMNLR) allowing hull numbers other than R-1.

The majority of the parts fit with no problems. The support struts could have used some shortening. The struts on my model have a slight curve to them due to the forced fit. I used Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Black paints to finsih the model.

Further detailing would make this kit more believable. The addition of Attitude control jets, and a cockpit would make this more believable. There is no entry hatch. But maybe one uses the bottle suit to enter the ship. A conversion that comes to mind would be to add missile racks to it along with .50 cal gunports and make it into an early space fighter (Turtledoves Worldwar colonization novels paint some interesting images of single pilot orbiting space fighters).

All in all a this kit is a good vision of what Werner Von Braun would have had us build.

References: None other than the sheet from the kit and the box art by Ron Miller. Some references are cited in the instructions text.

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