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Let's face it - most of the spaceships and science fiction kits we want to build don't make it into kit form (or at least not as mass-market injection molded plastic kits we can afford!). As long as marketing types who don't watch our favorite shows make the decisions on what new kits to produce, this won't change.

What to do? Write a letter! There's an unwritten rule amongst consumer products businesses: for every letter they get, there are 20 more folks who feel the same way, but didn't write. Also, most manufacturers are ten times more likely to carefully read and acknowledge a written snail-mail letter than e-mail or phone calls. So - put a crowbar in your wallet and spring for a first-class stamp (c'mon - 32 cents is less than you'll spend on a jar of paint, for cryin' out loud). Tell the model companies what you want to see on your hobby shop's shelves (or quit whining).

Babylon 5 | Star Trek (except Voyager) | Star Trek: Voyager | Star Wars | Lost in Space | Others

New Poll:

Deck36 Technical Construction, a professional industrial modelmaker in the UK, is currently looking into producing mixed media kits. The primary subject matter for these kits is to be original designs, not necessarily TV or movie based, but possibly using an existing universe as a background. Any and all aspects of SciFi will be considered as usable material, whether it is vehicles, figures, or whatever. Deck36 intends to apply the latest techniques to these kits, and at the very least all resin parts will be transparent vacuum-cast PU resin shells, to allow infinite lighting and painting possibilities.

Are these type of models something folks would be interested in buying? What do you think of the idea? Let Brian Dainty, the proprietor of Deck36 Technical Construction, know. All coments would be gratefully recieved and seriously considered.


Babylon 5, Star Trek: Voyager, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers

Want to see a kit of the Prometheus from Voyager (or from Babylon 5, for that matter)? How about reissues of those cool Buck Rogers kits? Write R/M and tell them!


Revell-Monogram, Inc.
attn: New Product Development Committee
8601 Waukegan Rd.
Morton Grove, IL, 60053.


Revell AG
Henschelstrasse 20-30 D-32257
Bunde 1, GERMANY


Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Trek: Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space 9,
Lost in Space

Unless they hear from you, the modeler, AMT/ERTL's Marketing guys develop their world-view through the eys of their biggest distributors. Trust us - that's probably a very different set of kit subject priorities than any of us share. Your input is IMPORTANT! Tell them how you yearn for a Correllian Frigate or an Akira-class battleship, or what ever it is your heart desires.


Attn: Tom Walsh (Marketing Dept.)
Highways 136 & 20
Dyersville, IA, 52040.


Ertl Canada
2000 Ellesmere Rd, Unit 1
Scarborough, Ontario
Canada, M1H2W4


Ertl Europe Ltd.
Falcon Rd
Sowoton Industrial Estate
United Kingdom EX27LB

Polar Lights

Lost in Space (TV)

These guys are great - and even respond to e-mail! If it's something from the TV classic "Lost in Space" you want, tell them.


Polar Lights/Playing Mantis
805 Wolfe Ave.
Cassopolis, Mich 49031

There are other manufcturers out there - and as we get their addresses, we'll post them here. And if you're particularly fond of a sci-fi or real space subject that isn't listed above - send letters to all these companies!

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