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Absolute Models' Blank Star Trek Instant Grid Decal

By Robb Merrill - images & text © 2010

Scale: 1/1000 - for the Polar Lights TOS Enterprise
Parts: 2 sheets
Instructions: English
Detail: 8 - There are some noticeable screen rosettes on some but better than most
Accuracy: 10 - As far as I can see they look correct to me
MSRP: $15.95 USD (~$16.72 CAN/ 8.56 EUR) available from Starship Modeler
Overall Rating: 9 - see review

[Please click to enlarge]

Image: Trimming the upper saucer.

Image: Settling down, topside

Image: Underneath

I'm usually not one to build Star Trek universe ships but I recently was given the opportunity and got the chance to use Blank Star Trek Instant Grid Decals by Absolute Models.

For a novice like me I ended up having to do a little research as to where some of the decals would go but with that knowledge in hand I went to work.

The saucer decals are, well, large. Instead of a series of pie sections the top and bottom are single pieces and required a little larger decal dish than I'm used to.

I was worried a bit about the size of the decals, having had large decals rip or fold-up when trying to place them. The Absolute decals surprised me with their sturdiness. They can take a manhandling from even a decal hater like me. It does help to cut out or split the navigation light areas otherwise they make the decal bunch up a lot around them. Once in place though it did take a very liberal application of setting solution and some work with a silicon clay shaper to get it to settle down and get the bubbles out. The smaller bubbles needed some puncture work but they eventuality went flat. The sturdiness does come at a price, the decals are for sure thicker than those nice thin Cartograf ones.

After getting the big saucer brutes to sit the rest went on with out an issue.


All in all these are a quite handy set to have around and I'd recommend them to anyone who regularly builds 1:1000 Trek ships of the Federation.

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