Federation Models' Galaxy-Class Warp Nacelles Preview.

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Federation Models' Galaxy-Class Warp Nacelles Preview

By John Lester - images & text © 2000

Scale: 1/1400
Parts: 10 resin
Instructions: N/A
Decals: N/A
Molding Quality: 9 - very little flash, a few small bubbles.
Detail: N/A
Accuracy: N/A
MSRP: $16.00 USD, available from Federation Models

What You Get

Federation has gained a reputation for well-executed work, and these peieces are no exception. The Galaxy-Class Warp Nacelles accessory set contains ten resin pieces that build up to make two nacelles. These pieces, cast in a fine tan resin, are exact duplicates of the original kit parts, with the exception that all the surface detail has been removed. On my sample, there was virtually no flash, no voids, and only a few small bubbles to remove. The resin sands easily, but is not excessively soft, and is not brittle (in spite of sitting in my mailbox in zero degree weather for the better part of a day!).

The pieces are all opaque, which makes them unsuitable for lighting (as is). Federation asserts that the kit's clear parts can be used with the resin ones. To test this out, I dug up a spare ERTL Enterprise-D kit and fitted the clear warp grills and bussard scoops to the resin pieces.


Image: The four nacelles halves.

Image: The "clear" parts - grilles and scoops.

Federation is right - aside from a few passes with a sanding stick to get rid of some flash on the ERTL pieces, I had no trouble at all fitting the parts together.

Fit of the resin pieces to each other is equally good. All you'll need to do is lightly sand the join surfaces to get a perfect fit.


This set is perfect for the kitbasher - sure, you can probably still find the original kit for less than the price of this set, but only if you live in a major US metropolitan area. And since ERTL has long since discontinued production of this kit, it will only get harder to find. Unless you plan on lighting your model, the opaque parts are not a drawback (and even then, you can use the kit's clear parts). The lack of the kit's raised panel details is a plus, in my book - one less thing you have to sand off. The only improvements I could suggest is to mold the warp grills as one "U"-shaped piece, to eliminate the seam at the back.


Many thanks to Federation Models for providing the review sample. Look for a build up review using these parts in the near future.

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