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Complete List of Recent Updates in the Starship Modeler Store

Starship Modeler's Store is the one-stop shop source for scale modelers who build sci-fi, fantasy and real space subjects. We carry models of all kinds, decals, masks, photo-etch and resin accessories, lighting kits, tools, books and more - from manufacturers from around this world. (We've reacheed out to others systems, but .... interstellar mail is slow. Stay tuned!)

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Our first batch of Polar Lights' new 1/350 Star Trek (TMP)Klingon K'tinga-Class Battle Cruiser I.K.S. Amar is in stock and shipping. This baby is 2 feet long and incredibly detailed!

And of course we have the lighting set for it as well - with 27-pre-wired LEDs, plug-and-play circuit board, tinted plastic parts and a fret of photo-etched brass details. Get yours here: 1/350 Star Trek Klingon K'tinga Lighting Kit


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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Today is "robot" day in the Store, with a bunch of new kits. First up, we have the first kit in Bandai's new 1/12 Star Wars Droid Collection - 1/12 R2D2 (Rocket Booster Version). It includes a crazy assortment of optional parts!

On the larger side, we have Moebius' 1/6 Lost in Space: Robot B9 Deluxe Updated Kit. This upgraded re-issue includes a glass dome and PE parts.

Last but in now way least, we have more mecha goodness with Hasegawa's limited-issue 1/35 Maschinen Krieger Fireball SG & SG Prowler (set of 2).

Restocks abound, including a lot of Odyssey Slipways kits.

[Danger Will Robinson!]

Today's Featured Product

Wednessday, 7 November 2018

New in the Store today we have Wave's 1/20 Scale P.K.A. Ausf N-1 Nixe. These are already discontinued so I can't get more before the next Wave reissue.

Some juicy restocks today:

  • 1/72 The Invaders UFO - originally from Aurora, now Atlantis. Keep an eye on these guys - they have access to a huge and ever-growing library of molds from the first Golden age of Modeling.
  • From Thunderbirds, courtesy of Aoshima, we have 1/32 Lady Penelope's FAB1 and the 1/350 Atomic Airliner Mk.6 Fire Flash. The design was visionary - not terribly different than the latest X-59 prototype - except for those boxy engines (?) on the T-tail ....
  • [Nixie]

    Today's Featured Product

    Thursday, 1 November 2018

    In case you missed it, Banda's new 1/72 Star Wars Return of the Jedi: B-Wing Starfighter is in the store and shipping now.

    Also now available - Plum's 1/72 Kingdom of Honneamise Air Force Fighter 3rd Schira-DOW (Double Seat Type) from the landmark anime Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise.

    It doesn't get more "what-if" than this - MiniArt's new 1/35 Soviet Ball Tank Sharotank w/Interior!


    Today's Featured Product

    Saturday, 6 October 2018

    Now in the Store - Wave's 1/20 S.A.F.S. Prototype.

    And their 1/72 VF-4 Lightning III (Fighter Mode) is back in stock at long last!

    Remember those big boxes from earlier in the week? Well, stay tuned, because there's a lot of new stuff and restocks to be added over the weekend!


    Today's Featured Product

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