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TIE Challenge

Late in 2002, several participants of the Starship Modeler Discussion Forums, Led by Bill "Tinman" Polan, issued an informal contest challenge - to build variants of the TIE fighter they'd like to see on screen.

The scenario and rules were simple:

The Scenario:

You receive a call from ILM and are to design a new TIE for an upcoming Star Wars film. The scene will show vast formations of TIE variants as they are paraded in a show of strength after to a recent victory by the Empire. George wants to have the finished models on his desk by January 19, 2003 so he can make his selections for incorporation into the film.

The Guidelines

  1. Finished TIE must be of a NEW design (never seen on film or available as a kit).
  2. Design should fit into the look and feel of the Star Wars Universe. For example, no Vorlon or Federation TIE s.
  3. TIE can be designed for any Imperial tasking and does not have to be a combatant craft.
  4. Design must incorporate the standard TIE feature of solar panels with the shape and placement of the cockpit is at the discretion of the designer.
  5. Use of existing kit parts is acceptable for kit bashing, modification, etc.
  6. Model can be built to any scale.
  7. Cockpit detail is optional since it would not be seen on film.
The result is what you see below.

TIE Challenge

TIE/Multi-Function Platform TIE 01 -- Conrad Mitchell
TIE/Obliterator TIE 02 -- Alfred Wong
TIE/Long Range Scout TIE 03 -- Paul Mather
TIE/Walker TIE 04 -- Larry G. Johnson
TIE/Ion - Fast Pursuit TIE 05 -- Chris Marks
TIE/Construction Drone TIE 06 -- Chris Marks
TIE/Infiltrator TIE 07 -- William Polan
TIE/Aggressor TIE 08 -- Lonnie Sweet
TIE/Commander TIE 09 -- Lonnie Sweet
TIE/Long Range TIE 10 -- Lonnie Sweet
TIE/Utility TIE 11 -- Lonnie Sweet
Retro TIE TIE 12 -- Clyde Jones

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