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Scale: About 1/174th according to available data (about 4/ 102mm long when assembled)
Parts: 21 prepainted styrene parts (includes 9 clear).
Instructions: Multi-page assembly diagrams; adequate step by step
Decals: None
Molding Quality: 8 - no flash, no sink holes, not bad for the size.
Detail: 7 - pretty good if you don't include the fuzzy pre-paint job
Accuracy: 8 - good attempt
MSRP: 4.99 (~$7.20 USD/$8.88 CAN/ 5.61 EUR) before shipping; available from eBay and European resellers.
Overall Rating: 7 - a decent start

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^ Clear sprue

Image: Packaging, reverse

Image: Sprue 1

Image: Sprue 2

Image: Sprue 3

[Please click to enlarge]

^ Snapped together

[Please click to enlarge]

^ Closer look

Image: Seams

I ordered a couple of the new Revell Star Wars mini-kits at the same time I ordered from my Dalek from Marquee Models mainly because I like the Republic Gunship and this was the only kit of it (the other kit was the Naboo Starfighter).

What You Get

This is a prepainted snap kit and get what you'd expect - fuzzy paint lines and big gaps at the joins. Of course, you also get pieces of paint missing where you separate parts from the trees. That said, this is a nice little kit with potential but only if you build it as a true kit and glue it, fill seams, repaint it, etc.

Detail is pretty good considering the size. There are even little clone troopers in the ball turret - well there are clone trooper shaped blobs. The guns are a little clunky and will need to be replaced but the rest is workable. I may try and replace the smaller paint panels with decals but otherwise the paint scheme seems pretty accurate. The ball turret mountings are very delicate and require care in assembly.

It took about 20 minutes to assemble the kit as shown in the photos with most of that time spent making the ball turrets stay in place. I could have done a better job closing up the seams but since I'm planning to glue, fill seams and repaint, I didn't want to make it so I'd have to break (as opposed to pull) it apart to reassemble.


If you're looking for an accurate model of the Gunship, this is currently the only real game in town. Recommended only if you really want the subject, you're prepared to put a little work into it and don't mind the small size and the odd scale.

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