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Revell Star Wars Republic Gunship
From Star Wars: The Clone Wars) Kit Preview

By Jim James - images & text © 2010

Scale: Close to 1/72 - approx 8 long x 11 wingspan (203mm x 280mm)
Parts: 49 snap together, pre-painted parts including 6 soft rubber figures and clear canopy.
Instructions: 8 pages exploded diagrams. Read them carefully - I found at least one error (part 19).
Decals: None, it's prepainted!
Molding Quality: 9.5 - clean with little flash.
Detail: 8 - actually, it's not bad for a snap.
Accuracy: Your guess is as good as mine but it looks accurate.
MSRP: $27.95 USD (~$28.80 CAN/ 19.22 EUR) available from Starship Modeler
Overall Rating: 9 - Nice model with a fair amount of detail that can be easily turned into a good unpainted, glued together kit.

[Box Art]

Following hot on the heels of releases of the two Clone Wars Jedi Starfighters, Revell USA is now offering three additional Clone War model kits - the Republic Gunship, the V-19 Torrent fighter and the Magna Guard fighter. This is an in-box review of the Gunship.

[Please click to enlarge]

^ First sprue

Image: Sprue 2

Image: Sprue 3

Image: Wings

Image: Figures with BFGs

Image: Base

Image: More boxart

What You Get

In the box are 6 sprues, pre-painted with Revell's usual complete misunderstanding of what weathering looks like - although it's better than the mess on the Jedi Starfighter kits. The assembly is a little more complex that I've seen on other Revell snap kits but this equates to better interior detail and moving parts. A multi=page instruction booklet rounds out the package.

All three gun turrets are ball mounted to move in all directions. All four side doors slide and open. The rear ramp lowers. The cockpit is better detailed than usual. Note that there are 5 pieces of sprue attached to the underside of each hull side which need to be (easily) broken off. The breaks are hidden by the hull underside plate.

There are six figures made from Revell rubber (why do they use this stuff?). Two clone troopers in the cockpit and four standing troopers lined up down the center of hull. Detail on these is OK but the rifles look way too clunky.

The stand is pretty nice. Molded with sandy bumps and painted brown, the only detraction is that the stand arm is also the same color.

What You Can Do With It

Initial examination of the kit suggests that although there are 5 opening doors, the interior will look pretty bleak with only four clone troopers standing in a straight line down the center line. For my model I plan to leave only the front doors open (maybe only one side) and glue the others shut. I must confess that, after test fitting, the sliding doors do slide and do fit well when closed. I also plan to repaint and regroup my 4 clone troopers.

If you plan to glue and repaint your Gunship, you might want to test fit parts ahead of time but be warned! This snap kit is designed to snap together and stay snapped together! If you are test fitting, you might want to sand down the snap points to make them looser.

Remember to take photos of the parts as re-painting reference. The markings are fairly simple although you will need to reproduce the Republic logo. If you have access to a black and white laser printer, print these black on clear decal sheet and use a circle of white decal as a background.

If you really want to be adventurous, there are examples of nose art you could use.


For a pre-painted snap kit, this kit is a good size, a good scale and has a fair amount of detail. I would have preferred the Episode 3 version and a few more clone troopers but, on the whole, I'm happy with this kit.

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