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Scale: 1/6
Parts: 7 resin
Instructions: None
Decals: None
Molding Quality: 8 -- great except for a nasty seam line
Detail: 9 - beautifully sculpted
Accuracy: 9 - not 100% due to exaggerated... uh, um... curves
MSRP: $80.00 USD (~$90.19 CAN/ 62.90 EUR) shipped, available from Nut Hut Productions
Overall Rating: 9 - wonderful must-have for a Star Wars nut

Aayla Secura is a Twi'lek Jedi who was first seen in the beginning of the Clone Wars. She was one of a few Jedi that actually made it out of the Geonosian arena battle. She bravely led forces in the Clone Wars. She was brutally terminated on Felucia as her own clone troopers executed Order 66. Aayla Secura was played by Amy Allen, who was an ILM employee who became an actress. Aayla Secura also showed up in various Dark Horse Star Wars comics.

[Finished kit]

^ Finished kit, as built by Andreas AKA Harkon27

[Please click to enlarge]

^ What you get

^ Completed model

Image: Upper body, closeup

Image: Left side view

Image: Completed model, closeup of head and shoulders

Image: Rear view, completed model

Getting the Kit

I first found out about this kit on, a site maintained by a frequent SSM poster bobbyfett. Vance Rudzinkas is the sculptor, caster, and seller of the kit. His shop is called Nut Hut Productions and he began producing this kit in late 2005. I received mine just a few weeks ago. My kit arrived in 2 weeks as they are made to order. You can find your own kit at Nut Hut productions (although they are suposedly limited to 75 copies). Or you can contact Vance Rudzinskas directly via eMail.

What You Get

The kit is nearly 12 inch tall reproduction of Aayla Secura as played by Amy Allen in the prequel movie trilogy. The kit is not completely accurate, as her... well her likeness is... um... slightly less curvy. The face is a wonderful likeness. The detail in the clothing and the muscles is excellent. I am replacing the plastic light saber piece with a clear piece of acrylic rod that I will paint in clear blue.

Only minor clean up needed on this kit. I removed the seam line in these photographs. There is some primer on my copy where I was trying to locate the seam lines. I could not find any bubbles in the cast. Even the highly detailed base did not have any bubbles I could see.

The base is a pretty large and impressive sculpt in its own right. It looks to be the vegetation on Felucia when Order 66 is executed. You can see part of a Battle Droid and its STAP pieces. Most likely this poor droid met Miss Secura in a bad mood.

With Vance's permission, I've included pictures of this kit finished as shown on his website (at left).


It's a great kit and a very easy build due to the small number of pieces. Apart from a nasty seam line this should be a great introductory figure kit. The base is icing on the cake. Rarely do you find a resin figure kit where the base receives this kind of detail. Finally, customer service was excellent from Nut Hut Productions. In short, this is a must have for the Star Wars die hards.


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