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Aoshima Cyber Formula AOI Orge AN-21 Aero Boost Mode Kit Preview

By Robert Merrill - images & text © 2004

Scale: 1/24 - 43/8" wide x 7½" long when built
Parts: 111 parts; 89 white styrene, 2 clear styrene, 6 vinyl (tyres), 4 metal, 6 poly caps
Instructions: 10 pages, with decal diagrams and concept art
Decals: Waterslide; 5 color, very clean registr
Molding Quality: 9 - a single dimple on a part, everything else nice & sharp
Detail: 9 - nice detail, disk brakes are exceptional
Accuracy: having never seen the series it looks good to me
MSRP: 2000 JPY (~$18.10 USD/$23.73 CAN/ 14.74EUR); out of production but available via eBay and similar
Overall Rating: 9 - good kit, looking forward to building it


This is another racer from the anime Cyber Formula. Good guy? Bad guy? Does it matter?

The first thing I noticed when I opened a box was the cockpit/main body. This thing looks like a space fighter!

[Click to enlarge]

Image: Sprue 1

Image: Sprue 2

Image: Tires, axels and clear parts

Image: Sprue 3

Image: Sprue 4

Image: Sprue 5

Image: Sprue 6

Image: Sprue 7

Image: Sure looks like a space fighter ....

Image: Figure

Image: Line art

Image: Body shell and chassis

Image: Parts list

Image: Decals

The more parts I dug out the more I wanted to kit bash this in to a space fighter. This kit has got some of the coolest looking parts, it's worth is just for them.

After the initial wow, I decided to delve deeper into the parts. In addition to the white styrene parts there are 2 clear part, a vinyl figure (of the driver I'm guessing), and metal rods for the axles. Most of the parts are fairly flawless, minor mold lines on a few of the suspension struts, that sort of thing. The exception is a single piece for the jet exhaust with has a bit of a dimple in it.

I grabbed the destruction sheet to see what it looked like. Now what interested me what the layout of the instructions. First was the title page, which did me little good as my japanese is nonexistent. Next was the paint & decal layout, normally found at the end of the instructions. The paint call outs are in Gunze-Sangyo Hobby Colors with a nice 4 view set of drawings. This is followed by two pages of concept art, with cut-aways and various views. If you want to super detail this kit you've got the needed materials here. Finally, we get to the build instructions. Directions look nice, but have some complex painting instructions.


All in all this looks to be a great kit and a chance to paint something with bright colors.

Providing I can resist turning it into a space fighter.

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