Kit preview of Planet X's Police Interceptor.

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Planet X's Police Interceptor Preview

By Jeremy Lobbezzoo, photos by Jason Beach - images & text © 2001

Scale: 1/24
Parts: Resin and white metal
Instructions: 2 pages, including building tips and painting
Decals: Waterslide sheet; includes MFP car markings and personal markings for Max and the Dark One.
Molding Quality: 7 - Some bubbles and no visible warps in the kit. Very little flash and no seam lines.
Detail: 8 - The kit is well detailed. Parts that need to be clear are, and there are many smaller white metal parts to give you something to do.
Accuracy: 8 It looks like the standard MFP Interceptor from the movie.
MSRP: ~ $90.00 US, available from Comet Models (UK), Federation Models (US) and Rider's Hobbies (MI)
Overall Rating: 8 It looks like it will be fun to build, and something a bit different as far as cop cars go.

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Planet X's Police Interceptor (the yellow cars from Mad Max) kit is laid out like an injection molded plastic car model. The body is a one piece casting with the bumpers, hood, and spoilers in place. The interior parts are a floorpan with seats, left and right interior door panels, and the dash board.

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^ Comparison with a 1/24 Classic Metal Works 2000 Crown Vic.

Image: White metal parts

The chassis is well detailed and the engine bay is open, so a filler plate with the bottom end of the engine is included to seal it up. The wheels and tires are cast together in one piece.

The pack of white metal parts is pretty extensive. The driveline parts include 2 exhaust headers, exhaust pipes, front suspension, drive shaft and rear axle, rear springs, and metal axles for the wheels. The interior parts are a steering wheel, steering column, transmission shifter, rearview mirror, and sun visors. An MFP license plate, windshield wipers, and driver's side mirror make up the exterior bits. Most of the various police specific parts are also white metal. These are the light bar, siren, and radio. The bases to the "bubblegum" style lights are turned metal.

The decal sheet includes the white stripes, MFP shields and an "M. Rockatansky/The Dark One" decal for the fender. There is a sheet of clear plastic to make the windows with. The instructions have templates to start from. The police light housings and headlights are done in clear plastic.

The resin parts are pretty clean. There is a little flash in the window openings. It is pretty minor and should not require any more effort than scraping it off. No bubbles are on the exterior of the body, and only a couple where they will not show on the inside. There is an off-color spot on the edge of the hood scoop, but it is only cosmetic. It is not a bubble nor does it change the contour of the part. There are a few bubbles in the chassis, but not where they will be visible when the model is finished. The rear axle assembly will hide them pretty well.

The interior pan with the seats did not cast quite as well in this copy. The back seat is a little thin near the corners. One of the bubbles came through to the surface by the edge of the driver's seat, the rest did not. The bubbles will need to be cleaned out and filled. I expect it to be a pretty simple cleanup. The interior door panels are clean and bubble free. There is a touch of flash between the wheel spokes, nothing major though.

Dimples show the location of such parts as the driver's side mirror, leaf springs, and shifter.

The instruction sheet is basic. The first page is all text and has a quick section of notes for building resin kits. This is followed by a few specific construction tips and the paint guide and decal placement. The other side has an exploded view of the model showing parts placement along with a detail drawing of how the rear of the exhaust system is laid out. The painting instructions are supplemented by the good color photo on the box.

It looks like a good kit for the price.

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