Kit preview of ENA's Supercar.

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Preview of ENA's Supercar

By Clyde Jones - images & text © 2001

Scale: This is a full size model 1/1 scale of the original filming miniature I understand. That's a full 2 feet long, when finished. BIG.
Parts: There are a awful lot of BEAUTIFULLY CAST resin parts (some with fine bubbles), a vacformed main hull (2 pieces in farily heavy white styrene) and dome (1 piece) as well as a sheet of plasic card stock for some small panels and supports for which full size templates are provided.
Instructions: 4 page instruction booklet with clear 'exploded' views, and a very nice set of color photos on the outside of the corrugated shipping box.
Decals: 2 sets of peel off decals for two different paint schemes, both just saying 'Supercar', two small in white, one large in black.
Molding Quality: 8 - Well cast parts, very crisp for the most part with a little flash on some of the larger parts, minor pinhole bubbles on some parts, and VERY nice, well cast, dead straight long main fins. The vac formed main hull pieces show some minor rippling.
Detail: 9 - Crisp and crunchy - er - crisp and well done, about the equal of a lot of limited run injection molded styrene kits (and better than some!).
Accuracy: 9.5? - This looks like a duplicate of the filming model.
MSRP: £110.00 GBP + shipping, available from ENA
Overall Rating: 9 - For the Supercar fan, this is IT, a wonderful chance to reproduce the filming model, complete with a nice Mike Mercury figure. For the Gerry Anderson fan, this is a BIG kit of one of his more interesting ships.

[Box art - doubles as paint guide]

Hello, Mike Mercury?

I haven't seen an episode of Supercar for decades, but remember that I enjoyed it a lot as a kid. It wasn't exactly Flash Gordon, but it was science fiction and fun to watch. I do remember wanting a Supercar of my own (ignoring the problem of where to get the plutonium or whatever it ran on). And now I have one, won as a prize in last year's literary contest. Full size, even.

Well, full size of the one they filmed for the series, anyway.

The box is fairly large, and not too heavy. With a vac formed hull and dome, you might expect that. What you might not expect is all the resin parts also stuffed into the well packed, edible cellulose 'peanut' filled box.

[Click to enlarge]



^ Closer-up shot of parts - notice the QUARTER nestled in there? And those LONG straight fin castings?

[Click to enlarge]

^ Some of the more interesting parts - and the quarter.

Image: Still closer - Mike’s head isn’t resting securely because of a tiny bump on the top of the ‘neck’ recess

Image: The instructions - page 2, the blowup of most of the parts

A scary number, if you haven't built much in the way of resin kits before. The parts count is on a par with a larger injection molded kit.

When you begin unpacking the box, you might begin wondering where all those parts, in the almost dozen zip lock bags, go. Once you get to the instructions, you know. Clearly, simply, and one step at a time the 4 page photocopied instruction booklet shows where things go, and what to trim from those large vac formed pieces, and how.

First impression - WOW, look at the molding. Crisp and sharp for the most part, with long straight castings for the main fins (no Warp, no wiggle), nice detail on a set of fins that go on the sides, a very good ‘dashboard’ begging for lighting, and a rather nice Mike Mercury figure to sit in the ship and pilot it.

Second impression - That’s going to take a lot of supreglue!

Third impression - I’m glad I have a high ceiling, ‘cause this thing is gonna build up BIG - 2 feet long when finished. Supercar and the C57-D battling it out for control of the ceiling....

Dry fitting a bit indicated no real problems, but the proof will be in the building. From what I’ve seen (and felt, and tasted, and...) it should go together well, with the usual carefull trimming of the vac parts, removal of flash from some parts (not many), a bit of wet sanding, and some filling of tiny bubbles.

I am tempted to modify the Supercar a bit though. I keep wondering how it would look ‘top down’ and with a more military paint scheme. Heh. Mine to modify.

THANKS to Steve Walker of ENA for a wonderfull kit, and a bit of a challenge. Manufacturers and retailers, interested in getting your wares reviewed and publicized on a site averaging 2000+ readers a day? Contact us!

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