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Your Two Cents: Perfect Grade RX-178 Gundam Mk. II

The following are reader's opinions of the Perfect Grade RX-178 Gundam Mk. II made by BanDai.

Reviewer   Ryota Takuma
Date Reviewed   May 30, 2002
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments The Gundam MkII has many types of renovations. The model has presetted led lights so you do not have to cut the wires like the first 6 perfect grades. The stickers are glossy, although this can be helped by spray painting a coat of clear paint, as this will help match the texture with the stickers. The model does need a few areas to paint. Most likly you will need to paint the circular area on the vulcan pod system red. Also you do need to paint the clear parts with clear green or light neon green. If you are the lucky ones with the Gundam Marker sets this should be no problem. The skeleton is well sturdy unlike the Wing Zero Perfect Grade. Also the plastic mold is nicly done. The cockpit and the head lights up in green with the switch is on. The neat thing about the switch is that it is concealed unlike the original perfect grades. This model does not have any wires connecting from the backpack to the core. The backpack holds the L344 batteries. The Backpack has two prongs or connecters enabling the need of attaching wires to the batery pack. This new model seems to be made for starters. As for me I have all 6 perfectgrades. But the MKII is my favorite for its easy but complicated construction. Also the DVD A.E.U.G simulation gundam movie is also a great combo. The Dvd features a tactical computerized simulation of the MK2 gundam as well as gundam commercials and documentries. This kit can be completed within a week with finishing touches. I prefer this model for first time perfect grade builders. Oh yes, Bandai has just released their 7th perfect grade is called the Gundam MKII TITANS version. This model is the same gundam as MKII although the colors are purple, black and, grey

Reviewer   koua neng vue
Date Reviewed   Apr 23, 2003
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.

Reviewer   Jeremy R Brown
Date Reviewed   Apr 28, 2003
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments Hey, I just put this kit together a little while ago, and I used to put the MG kits together. After this kit, I won't be able to go back to another MG kit again. The detail that is put into this model is amazing. All of the armour can come off leaving the exposed frame. The arms and legs are able to come apart at certain points. Overall an excellent model. Can't wait till they come out with another better Perfect grade model.

Reviewer   Rod M
Date Reviewed   Oct 2, 2003
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.
Comments This is the first "real" model I built. It is the sweetest thing in the world. I airbrushed it so all the parts would look more "real", a little matte, and not so plasticky. Its really easy to build, I had no problems as long as you follow the clear instructions. If you break/mess up anything (like I did due to airbrush inexpierence) you can reorder runners, but they are around 10-15 USD a runner I think. CAUTION take your time on wiring. It was hard for me, and if you mess it up, it is a pain to fix. My cockpit only lights up half the time, and I can't figure it out. Verdict: if you build this, people who know what it is will be super impressed. People who don't what it is are still impressed when you show it to them. Even all my friends that laugh at my "toys" were impressed. I never regretted speding the money: I got weeks of fun building it slowly in stages.

Reviewer   Prasit
Date Reviewed   Dec 8, 2003
Overall Rating       Well worth getting.

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