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Book Review: 'Where No Modeler Has Gone Before'
Modeling Star Trek's Daedalus Class

By John Lester - images & text © 2000

Type: Softcover, 28 pp.
MSRP: $10 US + shipping, available from the author.
Overall Rating: 8 - Don't let the amateur presentation fool you - there's some useful information here.

There comes a point for almost every modeler where one suddenly gets the urge to build a particular model of which no kits are available (or available in the size one wants). Most of us lie down until the urge passes; the more intrepid take up the challenge and build from scratch.

But how, exactly, does one go about such an endeavour? What materials are best? What construction methods should be used? Where does one start?


Parker Pomeroy decided to build a 1/500 scale model of Star Trek's® Horizon-class USS Daedalus. This booklet is an outgrowth of the project. In it, he answers those questions in a logical, step-by-step process. The spiral-bound booklet (which looks like it was assembled at Kinko's) consists of 28 pages, nearly all of them sporting large color diagrams or illustrations. The last pages provide a bibliography/credits, a number of useful links and a parts and materials list for the project.

This booklet walks the reader through each step in the project, from deciding the scale to final touches. The author uses a variation of the "plank-on-bulkhead" construction method, in which a frame is build up, then covered with strips of material. He uses hardwoods (frame) and balsa (lamination), but the technique is applicable to a wide range of materials, including styrene. He also found materials that one might not ordinarily think useful - which just goes to prove that nothing is useless to the modeler if the shape is right.

Conclusions Despite the amateur presentation, this is a useful addition to the modeler's library. It's clear, concise and well-illustrated. Whether or not you are interested in building the Daedalus, it's worth a look. Recommended.

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