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USS Ryoko/NCC-40659/Juno-class (original scratchbuild 30)


With a singular shape reminiscent of the Miranda-class, Juno-class destroyers are small, nimble ships capable of high maneuverability and delivering maximum punch with minimum effort. 280 meters long, 181 meters wide, and 60 meters in draught, Junos only have 12 decks; the upper deflector pod and support pylon are not inhabited. The upper pod houses not only the main deflector, but the ship's tactical sensor arrays as well. The pod support pylon is used to hold long-term cargo, mass consumables, and other smaller tactical systems. Like most recent destroyer designs, Juno-class vessels have an overly large impulse exhaust area; this gives them the sheer thrust power for their high acceleration curves. The largest of destroyer classes, these little ships are usually seen working in conjunction with their older Swiften-class and newer Minerva-class cousins.

USS Ryoko was named after a 13th-century Japanese demon and was built at the Velikan V Shipyards in 2335. Like the ship's namesake, Ryoko's various crewmembers over the years have shown a propensity towards acting on impulse. During the Dominion War, Ryoko participated in numerous fleet actions, including the reclamation of Phylos and the attack on the Cardassian shipyards at Valro VI.




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