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By Marcus Sampaio

In the Babylon 5™ universe the Centauri Sentri Class Medium fighter is a high-speed attack ship that is capable of both atmospheric, and non-atmospheric combat. It is powered by a fusion reactor based on the M/A-M converters used on the Centauri capital ships. This class of fighter is as fast as an Starfury fighter and, despite it's atmospheric wings, is surprisingly maneuverable.

This figther first appeared in Season 2's "The Fall of Night", and when I saw it I fell in love immediately. I took about 3 months to complete this project. I had some difficulty because this was my first scratchbuild project.I used no parts of other kits, just plastic, balsa wood, wire and epoxy. In the rear I used 4 yellow LED's to simulate the engines.

Front Details

Rear LEDs



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