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   Trek Wars




Scale: Not stated

Point of Departure One: 1964

Gene Roddenberry attempts to produce a TV series, called Star Trek. His pilot is rejected as "too cerebral" by a network that is concentrating on Westerns, and is shown the door. He then tries for the next 10 years to get it taken up, to no result, until...

Point of Departure Two: 1974

George Lucas, fresh from the success of "American Graffiti, tries to purchase the rights to "Flash Gordon". He fails, but discovers the Star Trek material, and enters into a cooperative agreement with Roddenberry to create "Trek Wars". Despite huge artistic differences, the movie is released in 1977, but suffers a huge box office failure against the Steven Spielberg-Mel Brooks "Blazing Saddles" production. The viewing public was too firmly entrenched in Westerns to watch a space adventure.

"My name is Captain James T. Solo, of the Starship Millenium Enterprise. Our Five Year Mission, to seek out Sithlords, and boldly go destroy them!"

Built from the AMT Snap Fit Enterprise issued in the late 1970s, and the Revell Snap Fit Millenium Falcon. Interestingly, the saucer section of each is the same size! Assembly was straightforward, with only a bit of hacking and slicing required. I covered up a lot of the falcon topside with .020 sheet styrene, to hide some of the details.

And to fans of either franchise, I'm sorry.

Image: Upper Saucer detail

Image: Starboard side

Image: Title scene

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