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   Hippie Huey




Scale: 1/24

Point of Departure: 1960 Presidential Election: Nixon wins!

Things went badly for Richard Nixon and his country after that. Cuba became a serious hot spot in the cold war, and in 1962, it boiled over. There was a brief but terrifying nuclear exchange between the USA and the USSR, that fortunately was low in casualties, but pushed many voters towards the more pacifistic parties that emerged. By 1964, the US Peace Party was able to win all major federal and state elections, and there arose a new superpower: Hippie Nation.

President Abbie Hoffman charged his country with a new course, one of Peace, and "volunteers" flooded to join the new Peace Army. They travelled the world, bringing peace and love to strife torn areas. Often they flew in the newly designed Volkswagen-Bell Type 2 Helicopter, knows as the "Hippie Huey", or the "HippyHoppy".

Spray bar fitted "HippyHoppies" were instrumental in ending the Vietnam War. Professor Ellsberg, heading the Pentagon, and Dr. O'Leary, inventor of Aerial LSD, won the Nobel Peace Prize for ending the Vietnam War in 3 days. The Viet Cong, after having been sprayed with LSD, spent 2 days running from imaginary dragons, and were quite happy to surrender to the US Peace Army. Truly, times, they were a changin'....

Screaming, Richard Nixon sat up in bed. "What a horrifying dream" he thought, and he wondered what he'd eaten earlier to cause it. He was utterly exhausted, and hoped he would get back to sleep. He had a big day the morning, a televised debate against John F Kennedy...

Yes, it was all a dream!

I used the 1/24 Revell Germany VW Van as the main body for this project, and an old Revell 1/32 Huey Cobra for the main rotor, boom, skids and tail rotor. I scratch built most of the interior, to match what a helicopter would have, and scratch built the spray bars and tank as well. The green transparent top windows were made from a plastic Fresca bottle, which was already transparent green. The hippies came from Ebay. Decals are from my inkjct printer and Testors decal paper.

I got the idea from a modelling forum. Somebody posted a picture of a Huey/VW hybrid, but they just didn't look right, so I wanted to start this project to do my interpretation of it. SSM helped kick it into gear!

Image: Front view

Image: Underneath

Image: Nose detail

Image: Engine exhaust

Image: Left side

Image: "Troop" cabin

Image: Right side

Image: Top/left view

Image: Pilot's seat

Image: Markings

Image: Cockpit

Image: Sprayer fitted

Image: LSD tank

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