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   Jade Hawk

Scale: 1/350

What if Han hadn't chosen Lando's Falcon when he won that famous sabacc game? Lando was a used spaceshipdealer at that time, and when Han won he could have chosen from a bunch of ships...

Let's see...

When about to chose the Falcon Chewie protested... something about cockpit sizes and Wookies. So Han got the Jade Hawk, one of CEC's ships from their short-lived product line of reissued ancient designs. At 43m long, the Hawk was larger than the Falcon and was designed to carry containers on its port side. The ship was heavily modified by Han, including a reliable hyperdrive, military-grade shielding and weapons, and a permanently attached container which itself was modified (life support, armor etc) in order to carry 2-3 small fighters. Around the battle of Endor, 3 A-wings and staff (3 pilots and 2 technicians) were stationed on the Hawk.

I got a bunch of those Revell minikits and when I saw that KOTOR XS light freighter I liked the design. I had a little time now, years later... so a Falcon and an ARC170 plus two hulls and a base from 1:1250 Hobby Boss ships collided on my desk.

Image: Rear view

Image: Top

Image: Detail

Image: Size comparison

Image: Surgery

Image: Coming together

Image: Almost there...

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