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   Planet Bel Air

Scale: Not stated

I have long been a fan of Martin Bower, and have drawn inspiration from his work, especially that shown on Space:1999. my works are often kit-bashes based on his work there, lately his alien craft. many have been used or are slated to be used in a fan film project.

The inspiration for this ship was a recent martin Bower interview, in which he spoke of his love of and inspiration of American cars, especially those from the 1950s.

This craft, which I will call "Planet Bel Air", is based on Martin's Sidon ship melded with a 1957 turquoise and white 1957 Bel Air. Parts used included an Easter candy container, bead containers (Wonderful, strong, cheep, and available at any good craft store), a citrus squeezer form local grocery store chain, with parts from three Star Wars kits, and from two Pilgrim Observer kits. Other parts came from Seaquest kits, and various space kits, along with a milk cap. I try to detail with the kind of parts that were used on Space:1999, or their contemporary equivalents.

It was a fun and colorful build! Thanks Martin for all you inspiration!

Image: Rear

Image: Bow

Image: Under construction

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