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   VW Transporter

Scale: 1/24

Point of Departure: 1960s. Advanced Space Exploration technology meets the "Counter Culture" movement. Fast forward to 1999...

Commander Koenig groaned audibly. "Not those idiots again" he muttered, as he saw the dilapidated VW Space Transporter heading toward the moonbase. He had not expected they would have survived the terrible accident that hurled Earth's moon far into space, but it appeared that the inhabitants of "Alfafa Sprouts Moonbase" had once again defied the odds. If he'd had it his way, they wouldn't be allowed within a thousand miles of Alpha, but Professor Bergman insisted they had the only herbal remedy for his glaucoma, he even had a prescription from Doctor Russell. "I must really look into this" thought Koenig, before become distracted by a small engine fire aboard the VW Transporter. It was going to be a long day.

Built from a Hasegawa VW Van kit, the Hasegawa VW Pickup truck, and a lot of Evergreen and Plastruct tubing, ladders, railings and sheet plastic. The engines are from a Revell 1/144 Saturn V. I was determined to not use anything from the "Space 1999 Eagle" kit, but I did add something as a homage to the original studio models: The flight crew are 1/24 Gemini Astronauts, just like what was used in the "real" Eagles.

The cargo/passenger pods are friction fitted, and the command pod is held on with a rare-earth magnet. Support feet for the pods are merely plug in pieces, I didn't feel like trying to engineer actual extending struts. Decals are from an inkjet printer and Testors Decal Paper. The "Hydro Pod" was scratch built, the damaged satellite was from a Monogram Space Shuttle kit.

Image: Left side, bare bones

Image: Left/front

Image: Right side, with cargo pod

Image: With passenger pod

Image: Right/front

Image: Left/rear

Image: Front/left


Image: Passenger Pod

Image: Command pod

Image: "Medical" pod

Image: Booster pack

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