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   DPV - 47 Transport Killer




Scale: 1/48

In Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, there was a dialog about the T-47's not being ready to fly on Hoth, and why didn't they just fly x-wings against the Walkers, after all, Luke blew up a Death Star using one. In the movie, the T-47 was evidently supposed to be able to destroy a Walker, but, well, you know the outcome of that one.

So... What if Hoth had been a trap... a Rebel trap?

The Rebels knew about the walkers and the walker transports, but had never been able to destroy them. The Rebels needed a way field test new hardware, the aforementioned T-47, an A-47 (the Walker Buster), and the DPV-47 Transport Killer. The Rebels dispatched a small group of volunteers with enough gear to make Hoth look like an active military operation. The goal: to lure the Empire into attacking with walkers and their transports.

They were successful in getting the Empire to attack, and the Rebels successfully tested the A-47 and the DPV-47- a Droid Piloted Vehicle. The A-47 Bristled with weapons, much like the A-10.

The DPV-47 is a Droid Piloted Vehicle because of the necessary equipment needed for the ion cannon that is mounted where the crew is normally seated. Never mind the intense radiation field generated when the Ion Cannons are fired. The T-47 blasters were upgraded to ion cannons also.

The DVP-47 also sports a pair of wing mounted missiles, and on the under side mounting points, a longer range missile, a laser guided bomb, and an additional center line mounted avionics pod. For self-defense there is a laser cannon mounted on the rear deck, replacing the tow cable gun. There is micro photon torpedoes in the targeting section above the canopy cap.

The crew section had the canopy replaced with an up armored and reinforced cap, to help to reduce the EMI/RF radiation field exposure, as well as to protect the on-board avionics. The targeting portion of the DPV was mounted above the crew section, in a separate assembly.

The model started life as that infamous Ertl Snowspeeder kit.

The canopy cap was scratchbuilt using styrene. I didn't use the kit canopy except as a fixture to make the cap. The center ion cannon is from a 1/35 scale Russian WWll field artillery kit. The laser cannon is a ZOIDs toy weapon. This was primed first and then hand painted using acrylics.

The ordinance pieces came from various 1/32 scale fighters in my fighter bone yard - a collection of previously loved kits that I acquired from a hobby store- what a spares box collection. The wing mounted missiles are Sparrows, the bottom mounted missile is a Phoenix, and the other bottom weapon is a laser guided bomb. The Sparrows are attached to the wing tips using I-beam material. The Phoenix and laser bomb are mounted to scratch built missile rails. The center line tank is also from the same bone yard. The targeting section is from a ST: DS-9 Runabout from my spare parts collection.

Except for the Zoids part, the rest of the model was hand painted using acrylic paints, including the shark mouth on the center line tank. The weathered look was achieved by using slightly thinned out gunship grey and not fully coating the model. A silver coloring pencil was also used to detail panel wear areas and foot tread wear.

I chose to not have the typical Star Wars exposed droid, as that just did not make sense to me for a front line combat ship.

Image: Front view

Image: Front/right

Image: Rear view, close

Image: Lower ordnance

Image: Below/rear

Image: Targeting pod

Image: Detail view, targeting array

Image: Laser cannon

Image: Air brake

Image: Canopy cap

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