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Osprey Masterclass: Airbrushing And Finishing Scale Models

By Dec Sibley - © 2009

Type: Hardcover,192pp, ASIN: B001KKI9IO, by Brett Green
MSRP: : 19.99 GBP (~$27.99 USD/$ 36.28 CAN/ 22.42 EUR) in softcover available from Osprey Publishing
Overall Rating: 9 - a great reference for modellers

Osprey have made a name for themselves in producing publications of use to modellers and researchers. The recent series of OSPREY MASTERCLASS books are squarely aimed at the modeller in both subjects covered and format of the books. The book under review here, published in 2008, concerns airbrushing and finishing scale models and unsurprisingly goes by that very title.

As a modeller who has a love/ hate relationship with the airbrush I'm always on the lookout for suitable books to increase my knowledge and confidence and to date have never been satisfied.

[Cover art]

I've found that most texts are focussed on the type of brush used and a little lacking in depth for the practical advice to finishing in general. This Osprey book however provides a wide range of information that is suitable for all types of models and is illustrated with all types, though aircraft do feature predominantly followed by armour. Car finishes are given a chapter as are the basics and details on colour, its effect in scale as well as the mystery of Luftwaffe colour. Decal repair, metallic finishes and hard to soft edge camouflage schemes are also covered. No specific Sci-fi models feature but that's hardly a criticism, and there is a single full-page picture of a fantasy figure.

The book is not a slave to brand names but does inform of the products seen in the photographs with a page of web address under the resources page to help the reader. Of note the address are US, Europe and Japan so no modeller should find himself geographically ignored.

Also of note is the format. Hard backed and spiral bound with a generous spine it allows the book to be placed flat along side the work table if you so wish. (Though I'd be fearful of over-spray ruining such a lovely book.)


For me and I'd suggest any modeller with an airbrush wanting to gain more knowledge, this represents a great book beautifully produced that answers all the modellers questions regarding airbrushing and paint preparation in general. Only a professional airbrush artist might find anything absent among its pages.

I purchased my copy via the Military and Aviation book society (UK) at a reasonable members price, but expect to pay the normal Osprey price elsewhere with country variation.

Many thanks to Dec's wallet for the review sample. Manufacturers and retailers, interested in getting your wares reviewed and publicized on a site averaging 8000+ readers a day? Contact us!

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