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Warp's Limited Edition 1/72 Hawk Mk 9 Kit Preview

By Richard Kent - images & text © 2005

Scale: 1/72
Parts: 33 resin, white metal and styrene
Instructions: Basic assembly
Decals: Markings for one ship
Accuracy: 9- looks good to me!
MSRP: 49.00 (~$91.70 USD/$112.14 CAN/ 71.34 EUR) available from Comet Miniatures
Overall Rating: 9 - see review

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^ Resin detail pieces
Image: White metal pieces

Image: Main hull and cockpit pieces

Image: Engines

This is the "limited edition" Hawk kit from Warp ("Limited" to how many he can sell I think). At first I thought it would be a resin recast of the Airfix kit but I think it is an original casting; the level of detail far exceeds the Airfix kit.

What You Get

You get two bags of bits. One contains the white metal castings, which makethe spine, booster and engine conectors, RCS thrusters and a gun barrel - 10 pieces in all. You also have lengths of sprue (3) in this bag. The white metal parts are extremly well cast and detailed with very little flash, unlike the Eagle kits which are a flash nightmare. I wish WARP would apply quality control like this across his range!

The other bag has the (20) resin detail pieces in it. Mine are cast in blue, and again for a Warp kit are virtually flash free, although seam lines on the boosters and a few other parts will require a fair bit of clean up. The resin is a soft but strong type, not the dreaded GRP. The main body of the ship is very cleanly cast in two pieces and dry fits together well. You also have the option of both the engines fitted to the Hawk. Warp has put a good deal of thought into the pour marks and they are in areas you will not see on a finished kit.

One strange thing is that one laser muzzle is white metal and the other resin - why? The detail looks to be correct and is well moulded and crisply defined except on the underside of the winglets which are left plain.

The instructions are basic but adequate and the decals need to go straight in the bin.


Overall I'm pleased with the kit. It is one of Warp's better offerings, but overpriced.

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